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Value Added Courses

Value Added Courses

Academic YearCourse TitleHoursStudents Benefited
2022-2023Introduction to Solidity30 Hours136
Introduction to Dockers30 Hours120
2021-2022Getting started with IoS app development30 Hours117
SQL: A Practical Introduction for Querying Database32 Hours117
2020-2021Machine Learning for all30 Hours81
Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux32 Hours117
Understanding Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency30 Hours97
2019-2020Data Analytics for General Engineering and Digital Manufacturing35 Hours81
Amazon Web Services Cloud Technical Essencials30 Hours89
2018-2019 Cybersecurity - Importance and Application30 Hours76
Artificial Intelligence workflow32 Hours90
Web Development using HTML & PHP30 Hours81
2017-2018Learn to code with Ruby on Rails35 Hours71
Website development using HTML & PHP30 Hours92
Cyber Security applications30 Hours80