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Innovative Teaching Practices

Innovative Teaching Practices

Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Key features of innovations in teaching and learning implemented:

  • Move from “teaching to know” to “teaching to learn”
  • Establish a connect to the “context” of the teaching in classroom
  • Analyze the different roles to improve classroom learning environment
  • Make teaching effective and enjoyable
  • Share innovative ideas and practice them in classroom
  • Enhance active learning

Following innovative learning methods are initiated and implemented:

  • Practical-oriented and Project-based learning
  • Mentoring system to help at individual levels: Mentoring is provided for overall development of the students.
  • Learning through research papers
  • Power point presentations help to make students understand visually the concepts better. Auditory lectures along with videos help the students learn by listening, hearing, speaking and motivate the students to do electronic presentations.
  • Activity-based Learning in some cases role play activities in classroom are used to motivate the students to understand the topics thoroughly.
  • MOOCs: Some advanced topics beyond the curriculum are taught with the help of video lectures of concerned subject from National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), MIT Open Courseware, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Khan Academy and Research Publication etc.
  • Hackathons are conducted to make the students to learn the technology within a shorter period.