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S.No Name of the members Designation Nomination
1 Dr. S.Suresh Kumar Principal Chairman
2 Mr. Vijayanand Inspector of Police Member
3 Thiru P.K. Govindan District Revenue Officer Member
4 Mr. Gowtham M Vice President Tamil Nadu Human Rights Mission Member
5 Mr. Philominraj S JDO Civil Engineer Member
6 Mr. Kasiraja K Parent Representative Member
7 Mr. Rahul Kumar R Student Representative Member
8 MS. Shreenidhi D Student Representative Member
9 Ms. Dhivya M Student Representative Member
10 Mr. Manikandan D Administrative Officer Member
11 Mr. Bala Manikandan A Press Reporter Member


S.No Name of the members Designation Nomination
1 Dr. Vignesh Kumar P HOD Chairman
2 Ms. Mohanapriya G Assistant Professor Member
3 Ms.R.Manoranjitham Assistant Professor Member
4 Mr. Karthick K Assistant Professor Member
5 Mr. Sathish R Assistant Professor Member

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • As ragging has many detrimental effects on students - Psychological, Social, Economical and Cultural aspects, which adversely impacts the standards of higher education, this team conducts interactivity sessions involving both Freshers and Seniors in order tocreate friendly and persuasive relationship among students
  • The committee tries to create a safe and healthy environment among freshers.
  • The committee explains to the Senior students regarding the adverse effect of Ragging and punishments involved.
  • The committee displays anti-ragging notices in various locations of the campus and Contact Number of the committee members for immediate contact..
  • To make rounds - all around the campus and other places vulnerable to incidents of, and having the potential of, ragging and to inspect such places and take precautionary measures / action to curtail any eventuality.
  • To make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents and having the potential for ragging to pre-empt any undesirable activity
  • To advise all students to treat equally other students of younger or elder classes and to help them in case of any need as a fellow human being.
  • To advise all students often to concentrate only on activities related to Academics and not on any other unrelated incidents/ events.
  • To advise students to be attentive all the time in order to avoid any unpleasant events inside the campus.

In case of any griveance, please reach out to us by submitting the below form.

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