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Grants Received

Grants Received

Grants Received for Conferences/Workshop/Symposia/Seminars

S.No.PI / Co.PITitle of the Seminar/ Workshop/ConferenceFunding AgencyStatusGrant Rs.
Academic Year 2023-2024
1Dr. Leena B, Assistant Professor/ECEHolistic Learning in Higher Education: NEP 2020’s Vision & ImplementationICSSROngoingRs.1,75,000/-
2Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R, Professor/ECE &
Dr. Venkatesh C , Professor/ECE
Unveiling New Avenues in the Design of Next Generation Semiconductor DevicesAICTE-ATALOngoingRs.3,50,000/-
3Dr. Venkatesh C, Professor/ECE &
Dr. Karthikeyan S, Professor
FDTP on 4G & 5G CommunicationAnna UniversityCompletedRs.35,000/-
Academic Year 2022-2023
1R. Jagedeswari, Assistant Professor/CivilAn Investigation Study for the Aesthetic Renovation of the Noyyal river in the Vicinity of the Coimbatore.TNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
2B. Vidhya, Assistant Professor/CivilA Comparative study on Breathe Brick – Alternative solution for Conventional BricksTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
3Mohitha I K, Assistant Professor/ECEVirtual fencing using yolo framework in agriculture fieldTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
4Stalin Durai, Assistant Professor/MECHDevelopment of a Mechanism for Water Hyacinth removal and Conversion into Bio FertilizerTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
Academic Year 2021-2022
1Reginold Arun Chakravarthy, Associate Professor / ITLast Mile Conveyance Modeling through Multi-level Path Assessment of UAV in Rural/Urban Drop Point LogisticsAICTE (RPS)CompletedRs.18,93,333/-
2Dr.N.Rajkumar, Professor & Secretary/CSE &
Dr.B.Hemalatha Associate Professor/IT
International Conference on Contemporary Progress in Engineering and TechnologyAICTE (GOC)CompletedRs.2,66,700/-
3Ms.R. Jagedeswari, Assistant Professor/CivilAn Experimental Study on Quality of Ambient air in the City of CoimbatoreTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
4Mrs.B.Leena Assistant Professor/ECEE2E – Cycle for Eco-Friendly EnvironmentTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
5Dr.T.Venugopal, Associate Professor/MECHDesign and Fabrication of Eco-friendly Mechanically operated Agricultural SprayerTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
6Mrs.Kamala.V Assistant Professor/CSEDriver Drowsiness Detection System Using Harr Cascade AlgorithmTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
7Ms. Anitha S, Assistant Professor/ECE &
Mr.Sivaprakash K, Assistant Professor/ECE
Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Food Industry - Post Covid-19CSIRCompletedRs.10,000/-
8Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R, Associate Professor &
Ms. Anitha S, Assistant Professor/ECE
Emerging Evolutions in Information and Communication Technology (NCEEICT’22)CSIRCompletedRs.10,000/-
9Dr. Venkatesh C, Professor/ECE &
Ms. Leena B, Assistant Professor/ECE
Entrepreneurship Development Among Scheduled castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) YouthICSSRCompletedRs.75,000/-
10Dr. Venkatesh C, Professor/ECEExploration, Categorization and Management of the E-Waste Disposal and Its Negative Effects for Environment SustainabilityCSIRCompletedRs.30,000/-
11Ms. Keerthana K P, Assistant Professor/ECE &
Ms. Bhuvaneswari M, Assistant Professor/ECE
Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Post COVID -19 Pandemic Era: Diabetes MellitusCSIRCompletedRs.20,000/-
Academic Year 2020-2021
1Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R, Associate Professor/IT &
Mr. Sureshkumar C, Assistant Professor/IT
Raising Awareness of Plastic HazardsTNSCST, Chennai and NCSTC, New DelhiCompletedRs.15,000/-
Academic Year 2019-2020
1Ms.Rithmi Mitter, Assistant Professor/ECEDrone AmbulanceTNSCST (SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
2Dr.S.SureshKumar, Professor/ECE &
Dr.J.Rejina Parvin, Associate Professor/ECE &
Mr.N.Jeeva, Assistant Professor/ECE
AI and IOT Based Technology for Precision Farming and Smart AgricultureAICTE (ATAL)CompletedRs.93,000/-
3Dr. Arun M
Associate Professor / ECE
Entrepreneurship Awareness CampDST-NIMATCompletedRs.20,000/
4Ms.K.P.Shanmuga Priya AP/ECE
Mr.R.Vishnuvinayagan AP/ECE
CSIR Sponsored Two Days National Level Technical Seminar on “Recent Trends in Digital Scent Technology and its Applications”CSIRCompletedRs.50,000/
Grants Received