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Details of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

S No. Industry Signed Date Outcome of the MoU
1 Skill Safari 12.08.2023 Student Internship
2 Pinesphere Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 02.02.2023 Real Time Projects
3 Pumo Technovation India Pvt. Ltd 07.12.2022 One week Internship on AR/VR
4 VEI Technologies 25.05.2022 Conducted expert talk E-commerce website design principles
5 Coitor IT Tech Private Limited 25.04.2022 Organised workshop on “Data Analytics using Tensor flow “
6 VGM SOFT TECH 13.04.2022 Conducted an awareness talk on Integration of Modules in a software
7 Imarticus Learning Pvt.Ltd 23.03.2021 Latest tools used for Remote monitoring of Project workflow
8 Technykx 28.08.2021 Training given to students helped for their placements
Nishanth M of IV CSE got Placed in Technykx
9 Binary Cube Technologies 09.09.2021 Students were given an awareness on the development and deployment of mobile apps
10 NoviTech R&D Pvt. Ltd 12.11.2021 Seminar was conducted on the topic “The Interaction and Convergence of IoT and AI”
11 Gateway Software Solutions 09.12.2021 Internship for IV Year Students(2019-2023 batch)
12 Machenn Innovations Pvt. Ltd 24.12.2021 Internship for III Year Student ( 2020-2024 batch)
MoU Gallery
  • MOU with Imarticus Learning Pvt Ltd., on 23.3.2021

  • Novitech R&D Pvt Ltd., on 30.09.2021

  • Machenn Innovations Pvt Ltd., on 24.12.2021

  • VGM Softech, on 13.04.2022

  • PUMO Technovation India Pvt Ltd., on 07.12.2022

  • Pinesphere Solutions 02.02.2023

  • Skill Safari (Edukeys Services Pvt Ltd.) 12.08.2023

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