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Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)

Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC)

An Industry-Institute Interaction Cell (IIIC) is a dedicated unit within KITE institution that focuses on fostering and enhancing the interaction between the academic institution and the industry. The primary objective of an IIIC is to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gained in academic settings and the practical requirements and challenges faced by industries.

The Industry-Institute Interaction Cell aims

  • To provide faculty with opportunities for collaborative research and professional development, fostering a dynamic academic environment. Faculty members benefit from industry interactions through workshops, seminars, and exposure to current trends, enhancing their teaching and research capabilities.
  • For students, the objective is to offer practical exposure through internships, training programs, and industry visits, ensuring they acquire skills aligned with industry demands. The cell strives to create networking platforms, connecting students with industry professionals and potential employers, thus enhancing their career prospects. Overall, the Industry-Institute Interaction Cell seeks to enrich both faculty and students by creating avenues for meaningful collaboration, skill development, and industry engagement.

The function of the IIIC is to promote the following activities:

  • Facilitating collaboration
  • Internship and training programs
  • Industry visits
  • Guest lectures and workshops
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Industry-defined curriculum
  • Career guidance and placement support
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Industry feedback mechanism
  • Skill development programs