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Recognized Research Center

List of Faculty Recognized as Research Supervisor

S.No.Name of Faculty Recognized as Research SupervisorDept.Year of RecognitionSupervisor IDAwardedPursuingUniversity
1Dr.N.RajkumarCSE20068240257143Anna University, Chennai
2Dr.A.SakthilvelCSE20142440288--Anna University, Chennai

List Of Faculty Pursuing Ph.D

S.NoName of the facultyDesignation
1Mr. Sureshkumar RAssistant Professor
2Ms. Suganthi AAssistant Professor
3Ms. Kamala VAssistant Professor
4Mr. Vivekanandan VAssistant Professor
5Ms. Aruna T.NAssistant Professor
6Ms. Lathika B.AAssistant Professor
7Ms. Janani SAssistant Professor
8Ms. Suriya AAssistant Professor
9Ms. Nithya VAssistant Professor
10Ms. Dhamayanthi PAssistant Professor
11Ms. Indhumathi SAssistant Professor
12Ms. Janani RAssistant Professor
13Ms. Nambi Rajeswari GAssistant Professor
14Mr. Gnanavel MAssistant Professor
15Ms. Geetha VAssistant Professor

Faculty Research Forum

S.No.Faculty NameDesignationArea of Research Specialization
1Dr. Rajkumar NProfessor & SecretaryImage Processing, Networks, Data Mining
2Dr.Thenmozhi TProfessor & HeadNetwork security
3Dr. Sakthivel AProfessorSecurity Models, Security Services, Security Attacks, Cryptography
4Mr. Sureshkumar RAssistant ProfessorBlockchain
5Ms. Suganthi AAssistant ProfessorWeb Technology, Mobile Computing
6Ms. Kamala VAssistant ProfessorMANETs, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
7Mr. Vivekanandan VAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning and Image Processing
8Ms. Aruna T.NAssistant ProfessorMachine learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing
9Ms. Lathika B.AAssistant ProfessorImage Processing, Machine Learning
10Mr. Manikandan SAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning and Image Processing
11Ms. Janani SAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning
12Ms. Suriya AAssistant ProfessorWSN,Medical image
13Ms. Nithya VAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning
14Ms. Dhamayanthi PAssistant ProfessorData science, Machine Learning
15Ms. Indhumathi SAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning
16Ms. Aarthi TAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning
17Ms. Janani RAssistant ProfessorIoT, Machine Learning
18Ms. Nambi Rajeswari GAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning, Data Science
19Mr. Gnanavel MAssistant ProfessorBlock Chain Technology
20Ms. Geetha VAssistant ProfessorData Science and Artificial Intelligence
21Ms. Manochitra MAssistant ProfessorMachine Learning

Grants Received for Conferences/Workshop/Symposia/Seminars

S.No.PI / Co.PITitle of the Seminar/ Workshop/ConferenceFunding AgencyStatusGrant Rs.
Academic Year 2022-2023
1Mrs.Kamala.V Assistant Professor/CSEDriver Drowsiness Detection System Using Harr Cascade AlgorithmTNSCST(SPS)CompletedRs.7,500/-
Academic Year 2021-2022
1 Dr.N.Rajkumar, Professor & Secretary/CSEInternational Conference on Contemporary Progress in Engineering and TechnologyAICTE (GOC)CompletedRs.2,66,700/-

Patents Filed and Published By Faculties

S.NoName of the investor(s) with DesignationsTitle of PatentsDatePatents Number
1DR. N. Rajkumar & Dr. P. N. Senthil PrakashMedical data classification using dimensionality reduction combined with hybrid support vector neural network27.01.2023202341001747
2Dr. N. Rajkumar, Dr. R. Kanagaraj, & Dr. K. SrinivasanSupervised learning clustering technique for regional blood bank count analysis04.07.2022202241038306 A
3Dr. Rajkumar N, Smitha J A, & S ShanthiA system and method for traffic surveillance to identify moving and stationary vehicles in real time08.12.202002041053378
4Dr.N.Rajkumar & Ms. Shanthi SubramaniamA system and method to predict lung cancer using stochastic diffusion search based feature selection16.10.2020202041042860
5 Dr.N.Rajkumr, E.Elakiiya, & Ramesh KA method for subject matter detection and data hunting01.06.202020204102287
6Dr. Rajkumar N & Mrs. HemalathaHybrid method for detecting the chronological age of Humans05.02.2020202041005008
7Dr. Rajkumar N & Mrs. HemalathaAutomatic recognition of chronological age using baa and daa18.12.2019201941052546