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S.No. Faculty Name Designation Area of Research Specialization
1 Dr. Vijaya Chamundeeswari V Professor Satellite Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
2 Dr.Gopi P Associate Professor Data analytics
3 Dr. Rajkumar P Professor Network Security
4 Dr.Mydhili S.K. Professor Wireless Communication, Wireless Networks
5 Dr. Vekateshwaren L Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP & IOT
6 Mr.Sureshkumar R Assistant Professor Data Structures
7 Dr. Karunambiga K Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
8 Ms.SuganthiA. Assistant Professor Web Technology, Mobile Computing
9 Mr. Srikanth J Associate Professor Internet of Things
10 Mr. Sathish M Assistant Professor Image Processing, IoT
11 Ms.Jayashree R. Assistant Professor Compiler Design, Data Warehousing, Data Mining
12 Mr.Raja R. Assistant Professor Robotics, Digital Signal Processing, IoT
13 Ms.Kamala V. Assistant Professor Mobile computing, Internet of things and Machine learning
14 Ms.Sivaranjani S. Assistant Professor Computer Network
15 Ms.PrashanthiniK Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing, IoT
16 Ms.Shanthini M. Assistant Professor Data Mining, Internet of Things
17 Ms.Aruna T.N. Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
18 Ms.Poongothai K. Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, Database Management Systems
19 Ms.Vinolina R. Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Operating System
20 Mr.Vivekanandhan V. Assistant Professor Data mining and Data Analytics
21 Mr. Rajan R Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence
22 Ms.Saranya S Assistant Professor Operating system and Data Structures
23 Ms. Sangeetha C Assistant Professor Operating system and Data Structures
24 Mr. Anuraj Assistant Professor Network Operating system
25 Ms. Ramys S R Assistant Professor IoT, Machine Learning
26 Ms. Subasri N Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain and Cloud Computing
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