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Academic Year Name of the Program Program CoOrdinator Date Resource Person
2021-2022 Webinar on “Approximation Algorithms for NP Hard Problems” Ms. Aruna T N & Ms. Suganthi A 30.05.2022 Dr. Latha Jothi V, Professor, Department of CSE, Vellalar College of Engineering and Technology,Erode
2021-2022 Seminar on “The Interaction and
Convergence of IoT and AI”
- 22.12.2021 Mr.V.Palanivelrajan, Technical Manager,
NoviTech R & D Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on “Career Development Programme” - 04.09.2021 Mr. G Suresh Kumar, Founder & CEO of Pepul and Cofounder of MacAppStudio
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on “Applications of Pervasive Computing” - 09.09.2021 Dr. A. Priyadharshini, Assistant Professor/CSE, Coimbatore Institute of Technology,Coimbatore
2021-2022 Guest Lecture on “Electrical Engineers for Supportive Services in Hospital - 25.09.2021 Mr. N. Karthikeyan, Junior Electrical Inspector, Electrical Inspectorate, Government of Tamil Nadu – Head Office, Chennai
2021-2022 Expert Lecture on “Microservices and Cloud based Architecture - 11.12.2021 Mr. Prabu Ganesan, Software Development Engineer III at Chewy, Boston, Massachussets, United States and Mr. Thejas Sampathkumar, Software Development Engineer II at Chewy
2021-2022 Hands on Session on 50 days coding challenge in Foundations of Full Stack Mr.V.Vivekanandan & Ms.B.A.Lathika & Dr.R.P.Ramkumar 11.04.2022 to 05.06.2022 -
2021-2022 Expert Lecture on “Networking a Practical Approach” - 16.10.2021 Mr. Madhusudan Singh, IT infrastructure specialist, US Technology, Chennai
2022-2023 How to Plan for Start-up, Legal and Ethical Steps Ms.Suriya.A 08.04.2023 Dr. S.Vijaya, Assistant Professor, KG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
2022-2023 “Innovation Ideas towards Product Development and Commercialization” Ms.Suriya.A 17.04.2023 Dr.K.S.TamilSelvan, Professor, Department of ECE, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
2022-2023 Session on “Introduction on IP” Ms.Suriya.A 17.04.2023 Dr.Balaji Devarajan, HEAD CIPR, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
2022-2023 Workshop on 50 Days Coding Challenge on Web Development Mr.V.Vivekanandan 20.03.2023 to 08.05.2023 Coursera Guided Projects & Quiz
2022-2023 Guest Lecture on 3D Animation, Gaming & VFX - 20.10.2022 Mr. Harish Achuthan, Centre Head, MAAC, Coimbatore
2022-2023 Seminar on Awareness towards GATE & Government Exam Preparations - 11.06.2022 Mr. SATHYA MOORTHY V, GATE Educator, Unacademy, Co-Founder Master’s Academy, Coimbatore
2022-2023 Expert Talk on AI & ML in Software World Dr.Thenmozhi.T, Mrs.Nithya V 19.05.2023 Mr.RaguRamakrishnan, Product Manager, AI & ML, Servicenow, Bangalore
2023-2024 Know how to unlock your potential in IT Dr.Thenmozhi.T, Mrs.Nithya V 25.08.2023 Mr.Naveen Chandran, Founder & CEO, Skill Safari, Ms.shanmitha Product Manager, Skill Safari, Coimbatore
2023-2024 Hands on Session on React JS Mr.Sureshkumar.R & Manikandan.S 26.08.2023 Mr.Sagar.K, Associate Engineer, Product Engineering, Brahmarsive Private Limited, Coimbatore
2023-2024 Boot camp on Bootstrap 4.0 for responsive webpage design Ms. Nambi Rajeswari G & Ms. Janani R 31.08.2023 Dr. R.Kumar, Associate Professor (CSE), Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.
2023-2024 Hands-on Session on “Django Framework through python for Data Science Mr.R.RajiniGanth & Mr.M.Gnanavel 01.09.2023 Mr.Srinivasan Thanukrishnan CTO and Director at Glosys Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
2023-2024 Inauguration of CSE Association-TECHNOID-GENERATIVE AI Dr.T.Thenmozhi & Mr.M.Gnanavel 05.10.2023 Dr.C.S.Saravanakumar, Senior Software Architect, BOSCH Global Software Technologies, Coimbatore
2023-2024 Technical Symposium-Cynosure 23 Mr.R.Sureshkumar & Mr.V.Vivekanandhan 26.10.2023 Dr.K.Muralisankar ,Founder & CVO, Yardstick Academy, Coimbatore
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