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Area of Research

1 Dr.N.Rajkumar Secretary CSE Image Processing, Networks, Data Mining
2 DR.T.Thenmozhi  Professor CSE VANET, Block Chain
3 Dr.A.Sakthilvel Professor CSE Security Models, Security Services, Security Attacks, Cryptography
4 Dr.S.Kalpana  Professor AI&DS Networking
5 Dr.S.Nithyakalyani Professor AI&DS Data Mining, Network Security, Wireless Networks, Software Engineering, Data Science
6 Dr.N.Sankar Ram Professor & Head IT Software Architecture, Networks and Security
7 Dr.M.Ananthi Associate Professor IT Network Security
8 Dr.P.Rajkumar  Professor CSE Network Security
9 Dr.S.Suresh Kumar Professor & Principal ECE Embedded Systems & Power Electronics
10 Dr.B.Shoba Associate Professor & Head ECE wireless communication, signal processing and biomedical applications.
11 Dr.C.Venkatesh Professor & Head ECE Wireless Communication
12 Dr.B.Gopinath Professor ECE Power Flow Controller, Smartgrid, Optimization Techniques
13 Dr.S.K.Mydhili Professor ECE Wireless Communication
14 Dr.R.Arun Chakravarthy Associate Professor ECE Wireless Sensor Networks
15 Dr.M.Arun Associate Professor ECE Networks
16 Dr.B.Leena Assistant Professor ECE Bio-Medical Image Processing
17 Dr.S. Kamlakannan Associate Professor ECE Digital Communication, Machine Learning and Error Control Code
18 Dr. P. Shankar Professor & Director Academic MECH Atomic Energy
19 Dr.N.Kathiravan Professor & Dean MECH Tqm, Industrial Engg., Automation, Manufacturing Engg
20 Dr.M.Seenivasan  Professor MECH Engineering Design
21 Dr.T.Venugopal Associate Professor & Head MECH CAD / CAM
22 Dr.B.Shreeram Associate  Professor & Director - IQAC MECH Engineering Design
23 Dr.M.Joemax Agu Associate Professor MECH CAD / CAM
24 Dr.Srinivas Prabhu R Assistant Professor Civil Concrete Technology
25 Dr.Rajasekaran S Assistant Professor IT Image Processing Video Processing AI&ML
26 Dr.Ashok P Assistant Professor MBA Marketing
27 Dr.Vishnupriya K Assistant Professor MBA Finance
28 Dr.Saveetha V Assistant Professor CSBS Image Processing
29 Dr.S.Vimalkumar Associate Professor MATHS Control Systems, Differential Equations, Graph Theory
30 Dr.K.Senthilkumar Associate Professor MATHS Fluid Dynamics
31 Dr.A.Rohini Assistant Professor MATHS Graph Theory
32 Dr.G.Amali Paul Rose Assistant Professor MATHS Stochastic Differential Equations, Optimal Control theory, Large Deviations theory
33 Dr.M.Dineshkumar Assistant Professor MATHS Fluid Dynamics
34 Dr.D.Sathya Raj Assistant Professor PHY Nanotechnology, Thin films
35 Dr.P.Vignesh Kumar Professor & Head CHE Environmental Chemistry
36 Dr.P.Geethamani Professor CHE Corrosion Chemistry
37 Dr.P.Divya Assistant Professor CHE Super Capacitor
38 Dr.A.Saravanan Assistant Professor CHE Organic Chemistry, Fluorescent Chemo sensors
39 Dr.P.Prabhavathy Associate Professor English English ( E.L.T)
40 Dr.S.Sabitha Shunmugapriya Assistant Professor English English ( E.L.T)
41 Dr.K.G.Senthil kumar Professor & Head Management HR&Marketing
42 Dr.Manjula M Associate Professor Physics Nano Technology
43 Dr. Susana Ramya L Associate Professor Maths Control Theory
44 Dr. Amali Paul Rose G Assistant Professor Maths Control Theory
45 Dr. Nusrath Unnisa C Assistant Professor Chemistry Electro Chemistry
46 Dr. Shanmugasundaram S Assistant Professor Maths Neural network
47 Dr. Karthikeyan S Associate Professor AI&DS Neural network
Area of Research
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