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List of Patents Applied/Sanctioned

AY: 2023-2024

S.NoName of the investor(s) with DesignationsTitle of PatentsDatePatents Number
1Mr.N.Rajiv Kumar,AP/MechAn Eco-Friendly Natural Fiber Composites For Marine Applications06.10.2023202341059266 A
2 Dr. M. Ananthi,
Asso. Prof / IT,
Dr. P.Rajkumar, Prof / CSBS,
Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary, AP / IT
Artificial Intelligence Based Approaches For Fake News Detection In Social Media01.09.2023202341052784 A
3Mr.Sureshkumar C, AP / ITAI Based Automatic Smart Healthcare System For Fertility Preservation For Woman With Breast Cancer, Sugar And Pressure Using Image Processing And Deep Learning Algorithms01.09.2023202321041351
4 Mr. Vivekanandhan V, AP/CSE
Ms. Aruna T N, AP/CSE
Ms. Lathika B A, AP/CSE
Ms. Suriya. A, AP/CSE
Iot Based Disease Prediction And Diagnosis System For Healthcare Using Fuzzy Neural Network Classifier18.08.2023202341033457 A
5Ms. T. Suganya, AP/AI & DSML Based Hierarchical Grid Intelligence Within A Power Grid to Control Distribution of Power.07.07.2023202321028592 A
6Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry,AP/ ITA System And Apparatus of IoT Integrated Smart Homes with Security Risk Assessment Using Octave Allegro30.06.2023202341040385 A

AY: 2022-2023

S.NoName of the investor(s) with DesignationsTitle of PatentsDatePatents Number
1Dr. M.Seenivasan, AP/ MechSolar powered camera based kit for lead Ions detection in water employing H2S Gas03/04/2023202321025271
2 Mr.N.Rajiv Kumar,AP /MechAtmospheric Water Generator30/6/2023383163001
3Mr.Arun.A, AP/ECEDesign and Construction of Measuring Instrument for cotton fiber finess24/04/2023202341013439
4Mr. Kaleeswaran.J,AP/MechMachine Learning And Deep Learning Based Approaches For Prediction Of Brain Disease, Diagnosis, Brain Disorders And Brain Tumours17/03/2023202311011539
5Dr.Thangamuthu Venugopal, Asso. Prof /MechBiocompostable panty liners With Microfibril Absorbent Medium Using Agro Residuals31/03/2023202241043779 A
6Dr.Thangamuthu Venugopal & Asso. Prof /MechBiocompostable Sanitary Napkins With Microfibril Absorbent Medium Using Agro Residuals17/03/2023202341012878 A
7 Dr.N.Rajkumar,
Prof & Secretary /CSE
Medical Data Classification Using Dimensionality Reduction Combined With Hybrid Support Vector Neural Network27/01/2023202341001747
8Mr.N.Rajiv Kumar, AP/Mech Ms.J.Nandhakumari, AP/MechSmart Traffic Light Controlling Device30/12/2022202241071787 A
9 Dr.N.Rajkumar,
Prof & Secretary /CSE
Supervised Learning Clustering Technique For Regional Blood Bank Count Analysis08/07/2022202241038306 A
10Mrs.S.Deepa,AP / MBAImpact on Human Resource Information Systems in Company / Industry30/12/2022202221041497 A
11 Dr.N.Sankar Ram,
Prof & Head / IT
Method and system for quitting multiple applications from one device in one click05/08/2022202241043779 A
12 Mani Deepak Choudhry,
Multiplexer Approximation Logic Based 4x4 Dadda Multiplier Using Ripple Carry Adder28/06/2022SW-15525/2022
13Mr.N.Rajiv Kumar, AP/MechDesign of solar Thermal based cells to circulate the fluid in the tubes and heatup the water for domestic utilisation such as cooking for Larger population24/06/2022202241035070A

AY: 2021-22

S.NoName of the investor(s) with DesignationsTitle of PatentsDatePatents Number
1 Mr. T.StalinDurai, AP/Mech
Ms.J.Nandhakumari, AP/Mech
Mr.J.Kaleeswaran, AP/Mech
Hybrid and Electric vehicles charging at running time vehicle15/04/2022202241016809
2 Dr.N.Sankar Ram,
Professor and Head / IT
Intelligent Automation and Control of Smart wheelchair Appliances for disabled individuals using IoT and Machine Learning08/04/2022202241019924 A
3 Mr.Sureshkumar,AP/ IT,
An Intelligent Technology to Mitigate Two-Wheeler Accidents10/12/2021202141055031
4 Dr.P.Rajkumar, Prof / CSBS
Dr. M. Ananthi, AP / IT
Integrating the Block chain Technology into an mobile health System30/07/2021202111020602

AY: 2020-21

S.NoName of the investor(s) with DesignationsTitle of PatentsDatePatents Number
1 Dr.P.Rajkumar, Prof/CSBS
Dr. M. Ananthi Assistant Professor / IT
Artificial Intelligence Based Integrated smart trip Planner and Automated Travel Expense Estimator12/03/2021202141009670
2 Dr.N.Rajkumar,
Prof & Secretary /CSE
A System And Method To Predict Lung Cancer Using Stochastic Diffusion Search Based Feature Selection16/10/2020202041042860
3 Dr.N.Rajkumar,
Prof & Secretary /CSE
A Method For Subject Matter Detection And Data Hunting12/06/2020202041022887