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Women Empowerment cell

Women Empowerment cell

Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) has been constituted to empower and uphold the rights of female members; faculty and students of College. KITE WEC includes Principal, Coordinator, active female volunteers, faculty and staff members. The WEC works to promote value of equality in the college and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere. Various events are conducted by the KITE WEC to bring up the students talents, identify their individuality and enhance their self-confidence.

Intentions of the women cell

  • To impart Women’s role in the society
  • To bring out female students potential and strength
  • To develop strong and individual attitude of women to handle critical circumstances
  • To identify female students individuality and pave path for success
  • To ensure students to feel safe and safeguard themselves under any situations
  • To organize programs/workshops enhancing life and social skills
  • To nurture the importance of fitness and sanitation
  • To provide and maintain a honorable, friendly working environment for female employees and students

Action Plan:

  • To conduct awareness programs such as freedom, girl education, hygiene education, social media influence
  • To counsel the female students periodically to empower themselves
  • To prevent sexual harassment , verbal harassment, mental harassment or harassment of any form


  • Dr.S.K.Mydhili Prof. /CSE
  • Ms.S. Preethi John Evelin AP/Civil
  • Ms. J. Nandhakumari AP/Mech

Faculty Coordinators:

  • Ms. K.P.Shanmughapriya AP/ECE
  • Ms.P.Sruthi Mol AP/IT

Female Student Volunteers:

  • Amrin Z. IV ECE
  • Jayanthi M. III Civil
  • Nisha T. II IT
  • Bhuvaneshwari K. II ECE
  • Manju K. II Mech
  • Shreeniithi D. I AI&DS
  • Sruthi.K III CSE

Girls Hostel Warden:

  • Ms.Ranjini.M
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