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S.No. Name of the Equipment/Apparatus
1. Torsional Pendulum
2. Young’s modulus
3. Lee’s Disc method
4. Laser
5. Ultrasonic Interferometer
6. Spectrometer
7. Air wedge method
8. Band gap-semiconductor
9. Poiseuille’s method
10. Careyfoster’s bridge

Chemistry Laboratory

S.No. Name of the Equipment/Apparatus
1. Digital pH meter
2. Digital potentiometer
3. Digital spectrophotometer
4. Digital Conductivity meter
5. Digital Flame Photometer
6. Viscometer
7. Hot Air Oven
8. Double Distillation Unit
9. Water bath
10. Shimadzu Digital Weighing Balance
  • To introduce different experiments to test basic understanding of physics concepts applied in optics, thermal physics, properties of matter and liquids for engineering applications
  • To make the student to acquire practical skills in the determination of water quality parameters through volumetric and instrumental analysis.
  • Acquaint the students with the determination of molecular weight of a polymer by viscometer.
  • The students will be outfitted with hands-on knowledge in the quantitative chemical analysis of water quality related parameters.

Language Laboratory

Language Laboratory – CALL HUB (Computer Assisted Language Learning)
The CALL Hub is equipped with computers that are connected by LAN. It facilitates students learning experience by providing adequate exposure to language tutorials. The students are also exposed to web resources, self-study resources and online tutorials that impart training learners belonging to all academic levels.

There are several programmed lessons and self-study language packages available in the CALL HUB to enhance the communicative competence of the technocrats.

The following is the list of language programmer’s that are used in our language lab:

  • Self-study material for IELTS & TOEFL
  • Programmed lessons on Spoken English
  • Body Language – Nonverbal Communication
  • Interview Etiquette
  • Presentation skills and Group Discussions Business Communication
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