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Great Place To Work


S.NoName of the facultyQualificationDesignation
1Dr. P. SHANKARPh.D.Professor – Director - Academics
2Dr. M.SEENIVASANPh.D.Professor
4Dr. T. VENUGOPALPh.D.Associate Professor & Head
5Dr. M. JOEMAX AGUPh.D.Associate Professor
6Dr. B. SHREERAMPh.D.Associate Professor
7Mr. R. K. SUJITH KUMARM.E.Assistant Professor
8Ms.NANDHAKUMARI JM.EAssistant Professor
9Mr. V. CHANDRA BOSEM.E.Assistant Professor
10Mr.KALEESWARANM.EAssistant Professor
11Mr.ARUN T AM.EAssistant Professor
12Mr.KARTHICK KM.EAssistant Professor
13Mr.STALIN DURAI TM.TechAsst.Professor
14Mr. N. RAJIV KUMARM.E.Assistant Professor
15Dr. R. SRINIVAS PRABHUPh.DAssistant Professor
16Mr.S.MUTHUKUMARM.E.Assistant Professor