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Great Place To Work


S.NoName of the facultyQualificationDesignation
1Dr.KALPANA SM.E.,Ph.DAssociate Professor & Head
2Dr.MAKESWARI SM.E.,Ph.DProfessor
4Dr.SELVASHEELA KM.E.,Ph.DAssistant Professor
5Mr.MOHANRAJ SM.E.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
6Mr.RAJINIGANTH RM.E.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
7Ms.SUGANYA TM.E.,Assistant Professor
8Mr.SATHISH RM.E.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
9Mr.KUMARESAN MM.EAssistant Professor
10Mr.MOHANKUMAR MM.EAssistant Professor
11Mr.SIKKANDHAR BATCHA JM.EAssistant Professor
12Ms.JASMINE SARANYA PM.EAssistant Professor
13MS.AKILANDEESWARI MM.EAssistant Professor
14Ms.SOWMYA HM.EAssistant Professor
15Ms.RAMANI PM.EAssistant Professor
16Ms.AMBIKA MM.E.,(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
17Ms. KOGILAVANI BM.EAssistant Professor
18Ms. PREETHI RM.EAssistant Professor
19Ms. KOTHAI PM.EAssistant Professor
20Ms. INDUJA CM.EAssistant Professor
21Mr. GOVINDARAJU BM.EAssistant Professor
22Mr. DINESH B SB.EAdjunct faculty/Professor of Practice