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About the training and placement

About the training and placement

Our Vision

To enable the transformation of an individual to become competent in career as
well as life skills. We believe in the organic development of skills rather than a
crash course that is session based.

About Soft Skills Academy (SSA)

KGiSL – Soft Skills Academy (SSA) was founded in 2013 to cater to the career and life skills development needs of KGiSL – Software division and KGiSL group of educational institutions. Under the vision and leadership of our Managing Director, Dr Ashok Bhakthavatsalam and the Secretary (educational institutions), Dr R Ravichandran, we have found the inspiration to tap our potential further and beyond.

To hone communication skills at SSA, we categorize our students based on four proficiency levels: Excellent, Proficient, Ideal and Capable, also known as EPIC. Students are trained with the objective of acquiring the Cambridge Business English Certificates (BEC): Preliminary & Vantage, depending on their proficiency levels.

We train our students to ace interviews and beyond with industry-specific campaign training that involves Quantitative aptitude, Verbal reasoning and Logical reasoning. Keeping pace with the ever evolving trends and requirements of the job industry, we focus on adapting to these trends and incorporating them into our training programs.

Our Technical Training Partners

BYTS Training:

This Advanced Training Program is designed for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of coding principles, master intricate data structures, and develop advanced algorithmic problem-solving skills. With a focus on practical application and real-world scenarios, this program empowers participants to tackle complex challenges in the fields of software development, data science, and beyond.

  • In-Depth Technical Knowledge:
  • Complex Problem-Solving Skills
  • Efficient Coding Practices
  • Data Structures Mastery
  • Real-World Project Experience
  • Preparation for Product Based Company Interviews

TVS Training Services: Elevating Mechanical and Electronics & Communication Engineering Expertise

TVS Training Services stands as a beacon in the education landscape, particularly for Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

This specialized training programs go beyond conventional approaches, incorporating a curriculum meticulously crafted by industry experts deeply rooted in the core of these disciplines. Pride on delivering education that not only encompasses fundamental theories but also reflects the latest industry advancements. Instructors, renowned for their expertise in the core industry, bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the classroom, bridging the gap between academia and real-world application.
Through hands-on learning experiences and practical projects, we prepare individuals not only to navigate the challenges of the professional landscape but also to contribute meaningfully to their respective industries.

We looking forward to nurturing the next generation of engineers, empowering them with the skills and insights needed to excel in the core industries of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering.

With our educational institutions involved in teaching, training & developing students to make them industry-ready candidates, we use English language as a useful tool to assess their communication skills required for the job. The Cambridge English language assessments that revolve around CEFR level descriptors allow us to encourage students to reflect on their current learning in the setting of objectives and track their progress using level aims, which are matched to the requirement of the industry.


Faceprep’s Placement Training program offers a holistic and personalized approach to career preparation, combining in-person interactions, hands-on practice, networking opportunities, and immediate feedback to empower learners for success in the competitive job market.

    • Personalized Attention
    • Real-time Interaction
    • Structured Learning Environment
    • Hands-on Practice:
    • Real-time Problem-solving:
    • Immediate Feedback:
    • Soft Skills Development:
    • Technical Interview Preparation:
    • Simulated Interview Sessions:


    With ONEYES INFOTECH SOLUTIONS, the mission is to empower individuals with technical excellence through specialized training programs. Designed to cultivate skills in Full Stack Web Development, Automation Testing, and Android Application Development, a comprehensive curriculum ensures participants develop the expertise needed to design, implement, and maintain cutting-edge technologies. We prioritize hands-on experiences, real-world applications, and problem-solving skills, guided by expert instructors.