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Conference and Books

Conference and Books

List of Books/Book Chapters/Conference

S.No Name of the Faculty Title of the paper/Title of the book/chapters published
1 Mr.Mani Deepak Choudhry Smart Car Safety Mechanism for Theft Detection and Alcohol Content Detection (C)
2 Mr.Mani Deepak Choudhry Video Synthesis Strategies for IORT Environments: Research Challenges and Opportunities - c
3 Dr.N.Sankar Ram An improved random forest algorithm for effective agriculture price prediction system trending towards machine learning - C
4 Ms.Suganya T Smart agriculture plant disease detection using deep learning
5 Ms.Suganya T Customer life time value prediction
6 Ms.Sowmya.H Diet Recommendation System using Machine Learning
7 Ms.Kogilavani.B Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews Using Hybrid Evolution Using SVM and Naïve Bayes
8 Mr.Mohanraj.S Automated review system using facial expression for restaurant
9 Ms.Janani.S, Ms.Nithya.V Detection and recognition of face using deep learning
10 Dr. Hemalatha B Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation
11 Mr.Rajiv kumar N Basics of Robotics and its applications
12 Mr.Rajiv kumar N 3D Printing and its applications
13 Ms. Nithya V Data Mining and Data Warehousing
14 Ms.Poongodi.J Fundamentals of Data Structures
15 Ms.Janani K Artificial intelligence
16 Mr.Senthil.J Operating System Concepts
17 Dr.Prabhavathy P Innovative techologies and its applications in higher education - humanities
18 Dr.Prabhavathy P Migration, Trauma and Identity in Modern Novels
19 Dr.Prabhavathy P Post colonialism in the novels of salman rushdie
20 Dr.Senthilkumar K G Artificial Intelligence Applications in Human Resource Management
21 Dr.Vigneshkumar P Dr.Divya P, Dr.Geethamani P Nanometal Oxides in Horticulture and Agronomy
22 Dr.Venugopal.T Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery (Springer)q
23 Mr. Rahgul Poopathi M.K Brain Tumor Classification using crow Search, Lion Explorations, and Whale Optimization Algorithms in Digital Image Processing Application
24 Mr.Sakthimohan, Elizabeth Rani. G Development of an Automated Hand Gesture Software to Control Volume for Computer
25 Dr.K.S.M Swaminathan ICT Skills using by the Faculty members of Anna University affiliated Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore: A study (C).
26 Mani Deepak Choudhry Machine Learning Frameworks for Indutrial Internet of Things (IIoT): A Comprehensive Analysis (c )
27 S.Jeevanandham Machine Learning Frameworks for Indutrial Internet of Things (IIoT): A Comprehensive Analysis (c)
28 Ms.T.Bhuvaneswari Improving performance using hybrid framework iot communication in cloud computing
29 Mani Deepak Choudhry IoRT based Denoising Video Streams through Employing Special Filtering Systems in Health Care Region ( c )
30 S. Rajasekaran Elderly Care using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) on Deep Video Analysis
31 Ms. B.Kogilavani Sensor Based Safe Driving Using Road Sign REcognition and Image Analysis
32 Dr.S.K.Mydhili Machine Learning Algorithms in 5G Cellular Network for Efficient Cognition
33 Dr. Rajkumar N Fuzzy Neural Network Classification Model for Multi Labeled Electricity Consumption Dataset
34 Mani Deepak Choudhry Edge Information Systems Based Blockchain Frameworks For Industrial IOT a Novel Approach ( B )
35 Mani Deepak Choudhry An Efficient 24 x 7 Patient’s Vital Parameter Monitoring Framework using Machine Learning based Internet of Biomedical Things: A Comprehensive Approach (b)
36 Dr.P.Vignesh Kumar Chapter 16 Actinomycetes-assisted nanoparticles: Synthesis and applications
37 Dr.P.Prabhavathy Post colonialism in the novels of salman rushdie: a social critique ( as a first author of the reference book)
38 Dr. R. Arun Chakravarthy Smartphone Syndrome (b)
39 Mr.N.Rajiv Kumar Professional Ethics in Engineering
40 S. Rajasekaran Senior citizen care using micro expression analysis on live elderly video (mea-lev) C
41 Dr. Karunambiga K Efficient Detection of Compromised Secondary User in Cognitive Wifi Networks Using Ga-Fhp
42 Dr. S. Vimal Kumar Effect of magnetic field on the peristaltic transport of Oldroyd-B fluid in an asymmetric inclined channel
43 Dr. Rajkumar N Multiclass Hierarchical Fuzzy Classification on Multi labeled Dataset
44 Dr.P.Rajkumar Network Security Analysis for Signal Strength based Packet Filtering
45 Dr.P.Geethamani& Dr.P.Divya Pathological Conditions Related to Bisphenols and It’s Compounds
46 Ms.T.Bhuvaneswari Automated monitoring and detection system of strep throat using fpga
47 Sruthi Mol P Assimilate Hacking : Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking
48 Sruthi Mol P Human Computer Interaction: Fundamental And Practices On Human Computer Interaction
49 Selvavinayagam G Cryptanalysis
50 Selvavinayagam G Cyber Security
51 Selvavinayagam G Rudiments of Computer Security
52 Selvavinayagam G Automata Theory
53 Selvavinayagam G Destiny is Yours: A Personality Development Guide
54 Selvavinayagam G Emerging Trends in Information Technology
55 Selvavinayagam G Cellular Automata based Cryptosystem
56 Selvavinayagam G Cryptography: Principles and Applications
57 S.D.Nandakumar Bayesian Analysis for Tiles Classification using Stochastic Neighbor Embedding Technique
58 M.Ananthi Network Security Analysis for Signal Strength based Packet Filtering
59 R.Jagedeswari Study on the shear strength property of black cotton soil subjected to lime and flyash stabilized swell control process
60 Dr.A.Pasumpon Pandian Smart Digital Assistant
61 Dr.S.K.Mydhili Health Alert Application for Region
62 Dr.S.K.Mydhili Efficient Travel Management System based on RPA
63 Ms.B.Lanitha 3D INTERNET - A Survey
64 Ms.B.Lanitha E-Commerce Data Manipulation using RPA
65 Ms.B.Lanitha Fraudulent Account Closing using RPA
66 Mr.S.D.Nandakumar Data Backup and Restoring using RPA
67 Mr.S.D.Nandakumar Employee Management System
68 Mr.S.D.Nandakumar, Mr.S.Suseendran Optimized Energy Aware Routing in Wireless Ad-hoc Network
69 Mr.R.SureshKumar Invoice Processing uisng RPA
70 Ms.A.Suganthi, Lanitha A Review of Fast Mutual Authentication and Key Exchange in Mobile Communications
71 Ms.S.Sivaranjani Insurance Policy Endorsement Based on Andriod System
72 Mr.S.Suseendran Steganalysis of Images using QRC
73 Mr.S.Suseendran Electronic - Know Your Customer(E-KYC) using RPA
74 Ms.R.Jayashree Securely Delivering Desktop Application to Web Browser
75 Ms.R.Jayashree Big Data Challenges for E-Mobility - INFRA Operator
76 Ms.V.Kamala Range and Location Based Privacy Aware Monitoring for Dynamic Objects
77 Ms.V.Kamala Vehicle Theft Analysis
78 Ms.V.Kamala Student Information System using Cloud Computing
79 Ms.M.Shanthini Investigating the Loss of Insurance Renewal
80 Ms.T.N.Aruna Online Coding Tool
81 Ms.T.N.Aruna Vehicle Showcase Augmented Reality App with AI Bot
82 Ms.K.Poongothai Price Change Notification Bot
83 Ms.K.Poongothai Energy Proficient Based Routing Protocol Assortment in Ad-Hoc Networks
84 Ms.G.G.Sreeja Data Analysis for Vehicle Claims
85 Mr.V.Vivekanandan Time and Productivity Analysis
86 Mr.V.Vivekanandan Automated Travel Insurance Chatbot
87 Ms.R.Vinolina Agent Insurance Renewal
88 Ms. Rithmi Mitter, Ms. Rajeswari V Analysis of Optimization Methodology for Secure Cryptosystem Using Low Power Vlsi Design Techniques
89 Ms. Vijay Shree M, Ms. Anitha S Analysis of Biomarkers for Earlier Medical Diagnosis Using Neural Networks
90 Mr. Vellingiri, Ms.Shanmugapriya Application Dependent Fault Diagnosis Of FPGA For Low Power Reconfigurable Systems
91 Ms. Prema, Ms. Keerthana Landmine Detection Robot
92 Mr.Vinod K S, Mr.Sriram Ayyapan Human Face Detection and Tracking in Color Image and Video
93 Mr.B.Sathiyasivam, Ms. Bhuvaneswari Authentication Scheme for Medicine Anti-Counterfeiting System Using IOT
94 Mr.Vishnuvinayagan R, Mr.Sivaprakash Minimization of Handoff Failure by Introducing WLAN
95 Dr.N.Kaleeswari Smart Monitoring of Heart Over IOT Using Raspberry Pi
96 Mr.Sriram Ayyapan, Mr.K.S.Vinod Effective Solar Power Control for Houses
97 Dr.M.Arun A Survey based on Digital Signal Processing in Smart Antenna System
98 Dr.R.Arun Chakravarthy LI-FI Based Smart Shopping
99 Ms. Rithmi Mitter Wireless Automatic Irrigation Using IOT
100 Mr. Vellingiri A Automated Energy Meter Reading Using LORA
101 Mr.Sathiya Sivam.B IOT Based Baby Monitoring System Using Rasberry Pi
102 Dr.N.Kaleeswari Medical Equipment Management and Tracking System Using IOT and WSN
103 Ms. Vijayshree M Wearable Safety Device and Health Monitoring System
104 Ms. Rithmi Mitter Automated Attendance Monitoring System using RFID Technology
105 Ms. Vijayshree M Vehicle Tracking System using LORA Devices
106 Ms. Bhuvaneswari Safeguard For Vehicle Using LORA
107 Ms. Bhuvaneswari Non Invasive Blood Group Detector using IR Sensor
108 Mr.Sivaprakash Early warning system from threats for wild animals using raspberry pi
109 Ms. S. Anitha Train Accident Precaution and Station Information System
110 Mr.Vishnuvinayagan R Design and Control of Mobile Scramblers
111 Mr.Sriram Ayyapan Visual Motor Skills for Low Cost Robots
112 Sathiyasivam.B Pharmaceuticals Authentication System Using Open CV
113 Keerthana K.P Object Monitoring Using Image System with Underwater Vehicle
114 Dr S.Rajeswari LUO Converter Based Solar PV System
115 V.Rajeswari IOT Based Power Demand Controller
116 A.Suganthi Twitter Based Sentiment Analysis
117 Mr.V.Vivekanandan Split and Combiner Method of Cryptography for Cloud Storage Security
118 Mr.R.Suresh Kumar Split and Combiner Method of Cryptography for Cloud Storage Security
119 Dr.S.K.Mydhili Dual Watermarking in Tele-radiology using DWT for Data Authentication and Security
120 Dr. M.Seenivasan Occupational Health and Safety Analysis in Manufacturing Industries
121 Dr.S.K.Mydhili An Efficient Attendance Monitoring System using RFID Technique
Conference and Books
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