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We ferry students from all parts of Coimbatore and beyond. We are on time, every time. We facilitate connectivity to student homes and drive them safe.


Route No : 1 - Sirumugai - Reyon Nagar to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Reyon Nagar3400006:40:00 AM07:55:00 PM
2Ganesapuram3350006:43:00 AM07:50:00 PM
3Bank Stop3350006:45:00 AM07:45:00 PM
4Theater Medu3350006:47:00 AM07:42:00 PM
5Nall Road3350006:49:00 AM07:40:00 PM
6Thanner Thadagam3350006:52:00 AM07:33:00 PM
7Alangombu3350006:55:00 AM07:30:00 PM
8Alangombu colony3350006:59:00 AM07:25:00 PM
9SSVM3250006:59:00 AM07:20:00 PM
10Mothepalayam3250007:00:00 AM07:14:00 PM
11Arivolzhi Nagar3250007:06:00 AM07:08:00 PM
12Power House3250007:08:00 AM07:05:00 PM
13Taluk Office3250007:12:00 AM07:00:00 PM
14Roja Rice Mill3000007:15:00 AM06:55:00 PM
15Lotus – MTP3000007:17:00 AM06:45:00 PM
16KTM Show room3000007:20:00 AM06:40:00 PM
17Gandhi Nagar3000007:30:00 AM06:30:00 PM
18KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM5:15:00 PM
Route No : 2 - CTC METTUPALAYAM to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Abirami3000007:10:00 AM07:15:00 PM
2CTC3000007:15:00 AM07:10:00 PM
3Meenachi ( Mtp )3000007:15:00 AM07:05:00 PM
4Vellankanni2850007:18:00 AM07:00:00 PM
5Gandhi Nagar2850007:22:00 AM06:50:00 PM
6EB Colony2850007:23:00 AM06:45:00 PM
7Blue Moon Bakery2850007:25:00 AM06:40:00 PM
8Teachers Colony2850007:25:00 AM06:40:00 PM
9SMT Tower2850007:27:00 AM06:35:00 PM
10Karamadai2750007:30:00 AM06:30:00 PM
11Kumaran Mills2500008:00:00 AM06:15:00 PM
12Rakkipalayam Pirivu2500008:02:00 AM06:10:00 PM
13KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 3 - Batharakaliamman Temple to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Saratha parking -Batharakaliamman kovil3200006:45:00 AM07:55:00 PM
2Bathrakaliamman Kovil3200006:55:00 AM07:45:00 PM
3Thekkampatti3000007:05:00 AM07:35:00 PM
4Kanuvapalayam Perive3000007:10:00 AM07:25:00 PM
5Marudhur2850007:15:00 AM07:15:00 PM
6Thimmarayan Palayam2850007:20:00 AM07:05:00 PM
7Karamadai Railway Gate2750007:25:00 AM07:00:00 PM
8Kottaipirivu2750007:35:00 AM06:50:00 PM
9Mathampalayam2750007:38:00 AM06:45:00 PM
10Press colony2600007:40:00 AM06:40:00 PM
11Shanthi Medu2600007:40:00 AM06:30:00 PM
12Veerapandi Pirivu2600007:42:00 AM06:25:00 PM
13Gas Company2500007:50:00 AM06:15:00 PM
14KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 4 - Jothipuram to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Jothipuram2550007:35:00 AM06:40:00 PM
2Vannankovil2550007:40:00 AM06:30:00 PM
3Periyanaickenpalayam2550007:45:00 AM06:20:00 PM
4KSB2500007:50:00 AM06:15:00 PM
5AVB School2500007:50:00 AM06:15:00 PM
6Narasimanaickenpalayam2450007:55:00 AM06:10:00 PM
7Thoppampatti Perivu2450008:00:00 AM06:00:00 PM
8NGGO colony2400008:02:00 AM05:55:00 PM
9KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 5 - Bharathiar University to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Bharathiar University2750007:25:00 AM06:25:00 PM
2Kalveerampalayam2750007:28:00 AM06:20:00 PM
3Navavoor Pirivu2750007:30:00 AM06:18:00 PM
4Thiruvalluvar Nagar2750007:33:00 AM06:15:00 PM
5Alamaram Stop2750007:35:00 AM06:13:00 PM
6Vadavalli2650007:40:00 AM06:10:00 PM
7HR School2650007:43:00 AM06:06:00 PM
8Mullai Nagar2650007:45:00 AM06:03:00 PM
9Perumal Kovil – B. University2650007:48:00 AM06:00:00 PM
10PN Pudhur2650007:50:00 AM05:57:00 PM
11Lawley Road2650007:53:00 AM05:53:00 PM
12GCT2650007:55:00 AM05:49:00 PM
13Venkatapuram2650007:57:00 AM05:47:00 PM
14Velandipalayam2650008:00:00 AM05:45:00 PM
15Kovilmedu – Vadavalli2650008:02:00 AM05:42:00 PM
16Edayarpalayam2650008:05:00 AM05:40:00 PM
17P & T2650008:07:00 AM05:35:00 PM
18Thanni tank2650008:09:00 AM05:32:00 PM
19Kalpana Theater2650008:10:00 AM05:30:00 PM
20KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 6 - Kannappan Nagar to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Kannappan Nagar2650007:45:00 AM06:00:00 PM
2Soap Company2650007:55:00 AM05:52:00 PM
3Nallampalayam2650008:00:00 AM05:47:00 PM
4Manikarampalayam2450008:05:00 AM05:42:00 PM
5Gandhi Nagar2450008:10:00 AM05:37:00 PM
6Anjugam Nagar2450008:11:00 AM05:35:00 PM
7Chinnavedampatti2350008:15:00 AM05:30:00 PM
8KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 7 - Kuniyamuthoor to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1B.K. Pudur2850007:10:00 AM06:35:00 PM
2Kuniyamuthur2850007:15:00 AM06:25:00 PM
3Ukkadam2650007:25:00 AM06:15:00 PM
4Oppanakara Street, Town Hall2650007:25:00 AM06:15:00 PM
5Sungam – Ramanathapuram2650007:35:00 AM06:07:00 PM
6Ramanathapuram2650007:40:00 AM06:03:00 PM
7Pankaja Mill2650007:45:00 AM06:00:00 PM
8Kai Kadai2650007:50:00 AM05:52:00 PM
9Police Quarters2450007:52:00 AM05:50:00 PM
10Gandhipuram2450007:55:00 AM05:45:00 PM
11Omni Bus Stand2450008:00:00 AM05:42:00 PM
12Lakshmipuram2450008:03:00 AM05:40:00 PM
13Ganapathy2450008:05:00 AM05:35:00 PM
14CMS School2350008:08:00 AM05:32:00 PM
15Athipalayam Pirivu2350008:10:00 AM05:30:00 PM
16Bharathi Nagar2350008:12:00 AM05:28:00 PM
17Ramakrishna Mill2350008:14:00 AM05:25:00 PM
18SRP Mill2350008:15:00 AM05:22:00 PM
19Amman Kovil2350008:18:00 AM05:20:00 PM
20KGISL Campus08:25:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 8 - Sulur to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Sulur2850007:15:00 AM06:50:00 PM
2Pappampatti Pirivu2850007:20:00 AM06:48:00 PM
3Saraswathi Hospital2850007:22:00 AM06:45:00 PM
4Irugur2850007:24:00 AM06:30:00 PM
5Kathir Mills – Sulur2850007:25:00 AM06:25:00 PM
6Ondipudur2750007:30:00 AM06:20:00 PM
7Shanthi Gears2750007:32:00 AM06:15:00 PM
8Vasantha Mill2750007:36:00 AM06:10:00 PM
9Singanallur2650007:40:00 AM05:55:00 PM
10Varadharajapuram2650007:43:00 AM05:50:00 PM
11ESI2650007:45:00 AM05:45:00 PM
12Lion Stop2650007:49:00 AM05:42:00 PM
13Hopes2650007:55:00 AM05:40:00 PM
14VKR Nagar2650008:00:00 AM05:38:00 PM
15Cheren Maa Nager2450008:05:00 AM05:35:00 PM
16Villankurichi2350008:10:00 AM05:22:00 PM
17Muniappan Kovil Stop2350008:15:00 AM05:22:00 PM
18KGISL Campus08:20:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 9 - Tirupur to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Poyampalayam – Tiruppur3750006:10:00 AM07:35:00 PM
2New Bus Stand – Trippur3750006:15:00 AM07:25:00 PM
3Old Bus Stand – Trippur3600006:25:00 AM07:10:00 PM
4Railways Station – Tiruppur3600006:30:00 AM07:05:00 PM
5Pushpa Theatre3600006:35:00 AM07:00:00 PM
6SAP Bus Stop3600006:40:00 AM06:57:00 PM
7Gandhi Nagar3600006:45:00 AM06:55:00 PM
8Anupparpalayam3600006:50:00 AM06:50:00 PM
9Ammapalayam3600006:55:00 AM06:47:00 PM
10Thirumurugan Poondi3600007:00:00 AM06:42:00 PM
11New Bus Stand – Avinashi3400007:10:00 AM06:33:00 PM
12Old Bus Stand – Avinashi3400007:10:00 AM06:30:00 PM
13Attayampalayam3400007:15:00 AM06:25:00 PM
14Velliyampalayam3400007:17:00 AM06:20:00 PM
15Anandhagiri – Karuvallur3400007:20:00 AM06:15:00 PM
16Karuvalur3200007:30:00 AM06:05:00 PM
17Kaduvettipalayam3200007:40:00 AM05:55:00 PM
18Sennappachetti Pudur2450007:45:00 AM05:45:00 PM
19Kovilpalayam2450007:55:00 AM05:40:00 PM
20Kurumbapalayam2450008:00:00 AM05:35:00 PM/td>
21SNS Stop2350008:05:00 AM05:30:00 PM
22Kappi kadai2350008:10:00 AM05:28:00 PM
23Vimal Jyothi Hospital2350008:15:00 AM05:25:00 PM
24KGISL Campus08:20:00 AM05:15:00 PM
Route No : 10 - Alanthurai to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Alanthurai300007:00:00 AM7:18:00 PM
2Pooluvapatti300007:05:00 AM7:12:00 PM
3Kalampalayam275007:15:00 AM6:51:00 PM
4Perur265007:20:00 AM6:46:00 PM
5LIC Colony265007:25:00 AM6:40:00 PM
6Selvapuram265007:27:00 AM6:38:00 PM
7High School265007:30:00 AM6:35:00 PM
8Gandhi Park265007:35:00 AM6:26:00 PM
9Milk Company265007:37:00 AM6:22:00 PM
10Saibaba Kovil265007:45:00 AM6:06:00 PM
11Eru Company265007:48:00 AM6:00:00 PM
12Koundampalayam265007:50:00 AM5:48:00 PM
13Cheran Nagar245007:52:00 AM5:45:00 PM
14Vellakinarupirivu245007:58:00 AM5:35:00 PM
15Vellakinar – Railways crossing245008:00:00 AM5:30:00 PM
16KGISL Campus8:20:00 AM5:15:00 PM
Route No : 11 - Bhavanisagar to KGiSL Campus

7:55:00 AM

Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Sathiyamangalam390006:10:00 AM7:45:00 PM
2Post Office390006:15:00 AM7:35:00 PM
3SRT390006:17:00 AM7:30:00 PM
4Erangattur390006:25:00 AM7:20:00 PM
5Velliyampalayam390006:30:00 AM7:15:00 PM
6Kothamangalam390006:35:00 AM7:10:00 PM
7Karachikorai390006:40:00 AM7:05:00 PM
8Bhavanisagar Dam390006:45:00 AM7:00:00 PM
9Mudukkanthurai390006:50:00 AM6:55:00 PM
10Bhavanisagar – 4 Corner390006:55:00 AM6:50:00 PM
11Panayampalli390007:00:00 AM6:45:00 PM
12ponnampalayam390007:05:00 AM6:40:00 PM
13SRT Theater390007:07:00 AM6:35:00 PM
14Puliyampatti300007:10:00 AM6:30:00 PM
15Sellappampalayam300007:20:00 AM6:20:00 PM
16Pethanaickenpalayam300007:25:00 AM6:15:00 PM
17Annur275007:35:00 AM6:05:00 PM
18Karuna Theater – Annur275007:37:00 AM6:00:00 PM
19Kariyampalayam275007:45:00 AM5:55:00 PM
20Sangeetha Mills275007:47:00 AM5:52:00 PM
21Ganeshapuram255007:50:00 AM5:50:00 PM
22Kovilpalayam Busstand245005:45:00 PM
23Kurumbapalayam235008:00:00 AM5:32:00 PM
24Kumaran (HP)235008:05:00 AM5:30:00 PM
25Kappi kadai235008:10:00 AM5:25:00 PM
26KGISL Campus8:20:00 AM5:15:00 PM
Route No : 12 - Annur to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Puliyampatti300007:15:00 AM6:20:00 PM
2Sellappampalayam300007:20:00 AM6:15:00 PM
3Pethanaickenpalayam300007:22:00 AM6:10:00 PM
4Annur275007:35:00 AM5:55:00 PM
5Karuna Theater – Annur275007:37:00 AM5:50:00 PM
6Kariyampalayam275007:40:00 AM5:45:00 PM
7Ellappalayam260007:42:00 AM5:42:00 PM
8Ganeshapuram260007:45:00 AM5:40:00 PM
9Kunnathur255007:50:00 AM5:35:00 PM
10Kovilpalayam245007:55:00 AM5:30:00 PM
11KGISL Campus8:20:00 AM5:15:00 PM
Route No : 13 - Thadagam to KGiSL Campus
Boarding Place
Annual Bus Fees
Pickup Time
Drop Time
1Bharathiar University275007:15:00 AM7:15:00 PM
2Navavoor Pirivu275007:20:00 AM7:12:00 PM
3Anna Nagar265007:30:00 AM7:02:00 PM
4Soap Company265007:32:00 AM7:00:00 PM
5TVS Nagar265007:35:00 AM6:55:00 PM
6KNG Pudur265007:37:00 AM6:53:00 PM
7Kallappanaickenpalayam265007:39:00 AM6:50:00 PM
8Kanuvai265007:40:00 AM6:40:00 PM
9Somaiyanur275007:45:00 AM6:35:00 PM
10kalaiyanur275007:47:00 AM6:32:00 PM
11Thadagam275007:50:00 AM6:25:00 PM
12Varapalayam Pirivu (Thottam)275007:55:00 AM6:13:00 PM
13Papanayakanpalayam Perive275007:58:00 AM6:10:00 PM
14Pannimadi265008:00:00 AM6:00:00 PM
15Palani Koundampalayam265008:03:00 AM5:55:00 PM
16VSK Nagar265008:05:00 AM5:50:00 PM
17Vadamadurai240008:07:00 AM5:45:00 PM
18Thudiyalur240008:10:00 AM5:40:00 PM
19Cheran Nagar240008:11:00 AM5:35:00 PM
20Vellakinaru235008:13:00 AM5:24:00 PM
21SNS Stop235008:14:00 AM5:22:00 PM
22Sunambu Kalvai235008:15:00 AM5:20:00 PM
23KGISL Campus8:20:00 AM5:15:00 PM