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Computer Science and Business Systems

The Department of Computer Science and Business Systems is at the forefront of modern education, fusing the power of technology with strategic business insights. Our expert faculty imparts a comprehensive understanding of computer science principles and their application in real-world business scenarios. Students participate in cutting-edge research, hackathons, and group projects that push the boundaries of technological advancement.

Our curriculum's convergence of computer science and business systems prepares students for the demands of the digital era, which is multidisciplinary. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on the development of critical skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, and effective communication—all of which are crucial at this stage in time.

Dr.P.Rajkumar, M.E.,Ph.D Professor & Head

Dr.P.Rajkumar, currently working as a professor and Head in the department of Computer Science and Business Systems. Completed his Bachelor's Degree from Bharathiar University in 2005 and has completed his Master’s degree in Computer science engineering from Anna University in 2008. He has received his Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering, from Anna University in 2013. He is having 17 years of experience in teaching and administration. He has published as many as 30 papers in reputed International Journals, International and National Conferences. He also has published 3 patents. He is active reviewer for 3 international journals and he received Rs.1, 00,000 from IBNC for the conduct of Seven days workshop “IBNC- India’s Biggest Networking Championship” jointly organized by IIT Delhi. He received Rs.45, 000 from NNSC for the conduct of two days workshop “National Network Security Championship” jointly organized by IIT Delhi. He is also an active life member in CSI and ISTE. His research areas include Network Security, Cloud Computing.