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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan:

Implementation Committee

Governance & AdministrationChairman & Members of GC, Administrative OfficeContinues
Teaching-LearningPrincipal, Director, HoDs, CoordinatorsContinues
Research & DevelopmentDirector (R&D), HoDs, CoordinatorsContinues
Student DevelopmentDirectors, HoDs, FacultyContinues
Departmental ActivitiesHoD and FacultyContinues
Training & PlacementDirector (Training & Placement) Placement officer, Placement Team & HoDsContinues
Quality AssurancePrincipal, IQAC Director & TeamContinues

Strategic Plan Quality Indicators:

Strategic PlanQuality Indicators
SP01: TEACHING & LEARNINGNumber of Coursera / NPTEL Certification registered / completed
Number of Workshop/Seminar organised / attended
Number of Symposium & Conference organised / attended
Number of Hackathon / Competitions participated
Number of Experiential Learning - Internship / IPTS / IVs
Number of Publications in Journal
Number of Industry Mentor / PoPs
Number of Patent Published
Number of Conference & Book Publications
Number of Funded Projects/Grants
Number of Department with Research Centre
Number of Visiting Faculty
Number of Industry Supported / Innovation labs
Number of Industry Projects
Number of Internship / IVs/ In plant Trainings
SP04: EXTENSION & OUTREACH ACTIVITIESNumber of Technical and Non-technical clubs
Number of Extension & Outreach Activities
SP05: INFRASTRUCTUREICT Enabled Class Rooms and Labs
Internet & Wi-Fi Facility
Establishment of Incubation Lab and Technology Centre
SP06: SUSTINANCE OF QUALITYFormulation of Policies and Guidelines
Formulation of Quality Parameters and Benchmark
Conduction of Statutory Committee Meetings
Feedback from Stakeholders
Incubation Park

Five Years Strategic Plan (2023 – 2028)

Current Status/Action Plan For Strategic/Perspective Plan

To achieve NAAC accreditation by 2023Formulation of Working committee - Completed
IIQA Submission - Completed
SSR Submission - Completed
Pre-Qualifier Approval - Completed
NAAC Committee Visit – In progress
To become an Autonomous Institution by 2025 Proposal on the progress
To get NBA Accreditation for the eligible departments by 2025NBA Accreditation – ECE and CSE
1.Formulation of Working committee - Completed
2.Prequalifier submission - Completed
3.SAR Submission - Completed
4.Peer team visit – In progress
Implementation of OBE practice – AI&DS, CSBS, Mechanical and MBA
To establish a research centre for the circuit &
non – circuit departments as possible by 2023 and 2024
Formulation of research policy - Completed
Identification of thrust research areas - Completed
Research centre recognition – ECE & CSE - Completed
Research centre recognition – Mechanical & IT– In progress
Increasing the number of MOU
with other Institutions and Industry
IIPC Cell has been established at our institution - Activities like industrial visits, Internships are arranged through these MoUs.
IIPC Cell is also supporting to
enhance the knowledge of faculty members by
arranging visits to these companies.
38 MoU’s with leading industry has been signed to improve internship / in-plant training / industrial visit / collaborative projects opportunities to students.
To initiate Alumni National / International Chapters by 2026 Formulation of working committee - Completed
Formulation of Alumni by-laws - Completed
Establishment of Alumni main chapter - Completed
Alumni Chapter Registration - Completed
Enhancing Experiential / Participative / Problem Solving T&
L Methodology usage by providing ICT tools
44 - classrooms and all laboratories are equipped with ICT facilities and have internet connectivity – 600 Mbps
Obtaining finances from a variety of sources in order
to hold seminars, workshops, conferences,
and other events.
Received funds from TNSCST, RPS etc.
Submitted research project / conference / seminar/ research grants proposal to funding agencies.
Promoting faculty members to contribute research articles
to well-recognized national and international journals
with a strong impact factor.
Formulation of research policy-Completed
The institute is providing financial assistance to the faculty
members who are publishing journals,
Books and patents according to the reputation of the publishing authority.
This has been clearly circulated through HR policy of the institute.
The number of publications in peer reviewed journals with good Impact Factor is increased.
Institution h-index - 13
Encouraging all faculty members to apply for Ph.D. programmes. Number of faculty with Ph.D. – 47
Number of faculty pursuing Ph.D. – 40
Variable pay for faculty members through Performance Appraisal System
Establishing Innovation and Incubation Centers Identification of incubation centers in the following domains
Cloud and DevOps
Identify Industry Mentors or Professor of Practice (PoP) for the identified incubation centers
Train faculty members for identified incubation centers through PoPs
Organise activities like HACATHON, IDEATHON etc.,
Increasing academic performance
by Increasing the number of university ranks
The Institution is regularly conducting internal examinations according to the schedule given by the university.
Slow learners coaching class, mentoring system, Class committee meeting are conducted to improve the academic performance of the students.
Through these mentoring strategies we have achieved University Rank Holders for the following departments – ECE & IT
Organise Psychiatric Counselling for deserving candidates
Awards and Recognition for TOP academic performers in Annual Day function.
Variable pay for faculty members through Performance Appraisal System

Incremental Improvement: