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Vision & Mission


To become a premier department in computer science and business systems, dedicated to tackling industry challenges and fostering highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs who bring about positive transformations in both industry and society.


  • MD-1: To impart technical knowledge through creative and innovative teaching-learning methods.
  • MD-2: To consistently elevate the competence of faculty members through on-going professional development, fostering excellence in teaching and research.
  • MD-3:To advance our state-of-the-art infrastructure by offering exposure to the latest tools and technologies in the realm of business systems.
  • MD-4:To foster employability and entrepreneurial expertise by driving innovation and excellence through on-going research.
  • MD-5: To build engineers with a strong base in professional ethics, teamwork, and effective managerial skills through their participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, benefiting society.