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Faculty Research Forum

S.No Faculty Name Designation Area of Research Specialization
1 Dr.P.Rajkumar Professor /HOD Network Security
2 Dr.V.Saveetha Associate Professor Network Security
3 Ms.J.Poongodi Assistant Professor Network Security, IoT,Theory of Computation
4 Ms.R.Ranjithaa Assistant Professor Data Mining
5 Ms.T.Deivapraba Assistant Professor Internet of Things
6 Ms.K.Nithya Assistant Professor Programming and Data Structures
7 Ms.C.Krishnakala Assistant Professor Networking
8 Ms.C. Ananda priya Assistant Professor Data Structures

Student Research-On-going Mega Project Details

S.No Title of Project Faculty Supervisors Impact Value
1 Smart shopping cart with smart billing system Deivapraba T Automatic customer following trolley with e-billing through mobile app.
2 Animal Blood Bank management system Krishnakala C Platform/tool to automate animal blood donation and depository online. Helps to find Animal blood donors in times of need.

Paper Publications

S.No Title of paper Name of the author/s Department International/National Name of journal Year of publication
1 An energy efficient Dantzig Wolfe Decomposition based parallel optimization for software-defined industrial IoT Ms.J.Poongodi CSBS International Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems 2023

Book/Book Chapter Publications

S.No Name Of The Teacher Title Of The Book/Chapters Published Title Of The Paper Publication Details Year Of Publication
1 J.Senthil J.Poongodi Operating Systems Operating Systems Publication:Charulatha Publication Isbn:13:978-93-5577-312-8 2023
2 J.Poongodi, G.Elizabeth Rani Fundamental Of Datastructures Fundamental Of Datastructures Publication:Charulatha Publication Isbn:13:978-93-5577-314-2 2023
2 J.Poongodi Blockchain Enabled Secure Big Data Computing For Smart Cities Using Internet Of Things Blockchain Powered Secured Healthcare Data Transmission: An Overview Publication: Nova Science Publishers Isbn:979-8-89113-280-1 2023

Patent Published

S.No Faculty Name Patent/Copyright Title Application No Date of Filling/Details Date of Publication
1 Dr. P.Rajkumar Dr. P.Rajkumar Patent Integrating The Block Chain Technology Into An Mobile Health System 202111020602 06/05/2021 30/07/2021 Patent Artificial Intelligence Based Integrated Smart Trip Planner And Automated Travel Expense Estimator 202141009670 08/03/2021 12/03/2021
2 Dr. P.Rajkumar Patent Integrating The Block Chain Technology Into An Mobile Health System 202111020602 06/05/2021 30/07/2021
3 Ms. J.Poongodi Patent Smart Classes For Blind People 202241072467 15/12/2022 -
2 Dr. P.Rajkumar Patent Artificial Intelligence Based Approaches For Fake News Detection In Social Media 202341052784 A 07/08/2023 01/09/2023
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