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Cyber Security

Cyber Security


  • Technical Manager – Mr.Joel Anandraj.E, AP/IT
  • Project Manager - Dr.S.Vidhya, Vice Principal, KG College of Arts and Science.
  • Industry Mentors/PoP – Mr. Raghav Ellur, Principal Security Group Manager at Microsoft
  • Faculty Mentor –
    • Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary AP/IT,
    • Ms. Krishna Kala AP/CSBS,
    • Mr.Anbarasan R AP/IT,
    • Ms.Nithya AP/CSE,
    • Ms.Aruna AP/CSE

    Vision :

    • To attain the foremost position in the Cyber Security domain, ensuring a secure digital future through excellence in education, research, and collaborative initiatives.


    • To Provide cutting-edge and comprehensive education programs that equip students with the latest knowledge and skills in Cyber Security, fostering a deep understanding of principles and practices.
    • Establish and nurture strategic collaborations with industry, academia, and government entities to create a network that fosters the exchange of knowledge, resources, and expertise.
    • To conduct pioneering research initiatives to stay at the forefront of emerging threats and technologies, fostering a proactive approach to effectively address evolving challenges in the realm of cyber security.

    Scope :

    • To enhance students understanding of Cyber Security concepts, tools, and techniques. Provide a platform for testing the security of systems, networks, and applications.
    • Foster collaboration with industry partners to expose students to real-world challenges and solutions.
    • Facilitate participation in Cyber Security competitions, both locally and nationally, to allow students to apply their skills in a competitive and challenging environment.
    • Encourage research initiatives within the lab to explore emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and innovative solutions


    • Event : Webinar on Cloud Security Recent Research Trends and Tools by Mr Yesudian Rajkumar, Founder and Freelance Consultant , Amud Solutions,Bengaluru.
Cyber Security