Thoughtworks visit to KGiSL Institute of Technology

We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Michael Fait, Mr. Vivek Poovalingam, and the SDV team from Thoughtworks at KGiSL Institute of Technology, on 19th October. During a meeting, Dr. Shankar – Director of A&A, Mr. Navaneeth Malingan – Director of Innovation, and Mr. Dinesh Tantri – PoP engaged in a brief discussion regarding the industry’s emphasis on future mobility technologies and how to equip students with the essential skills in this domain.

The team also visited the Future Mobility Technology Center, at the KGiSL Institute of Technology where they had the opportunity to review the ongoing projects KGXperience Innovation Center.

➡️ Autoware Simulation 🚗 – Mr. Hareesh R
➡️ AWS DeepRacer Track Demo 🏎️🏁- Mr. Alwin Glifferd D
➡️ Nvidia JetRacer 🚀 – Mr. Adish M
➡️ ROS VSLAM Simulation 🤖 – Mr. Ramesh Patel
➡️ Rust Community within KITE campus🦀 Mr. Aakash R
➡️ Autonomous Delivery Drone 🛸 – Ms. Elakiya Sekar and Mr. Mohan J

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries in the areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Software Defined Vehicles, Drone Technology, and Future Mobility Solutions. We maintain a steadfast commitment to continuous learning. Their visit has infused us with new knowledge and zeal, elevating our ideas to remarkable levels.