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The Apple of R&D Cell’s Eye

The KiTE R&D Cell procured an Apple Developer Account on 17 April 2021 to provide KiTE students with full access to Apple’s App Store for iOS users. The R&D Cell envisages honing the app-development skills of young aspirants by encouraging them to explore and showcase their talent on this global platform.

The sponsor of the premium account, Mr. Gnanasambanthan Velusamy, Senior Solution Architect – Managing Enterprise Architect at Capgemini, USA, was invited to mark the ceremonious moment.

During the event, Mr. Velusamy, along with the Director of the R&D Cell, Professor Srikanth Janardhanan, delighted an audience of wide-eyed KiTEians and keen faculty members with their prolific knowledge and insights on Cloud Infrastructure & Security, AWS, Google Eco-Systems, and recent security trends.

The Apple Developer Program provides everything needed to build apps with advanced capabilities and make them available worldwide. It also allows the distribution of custom apps to specific businesses or proprietary apps within an organization. The annual membership fee is $99 for full access.

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