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1 Dr. Geethamani P Professor, S&H Chairman
2 Mr. Dhanuskodi Renugopal Advocate (Independent consultant) Member
3 Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R Assistant Professor, IT Member
4 Ms.A. Suriya Assistant Professor, ECE Member
5 Dr. M. Ananthi Associate Professor, IT Member
6 Ms. K .Raja Bharathi Office Executive, Administrative office Member
7 Dr. T.Venugopal Assistant Professor, Mech Member
8 Dr. P. Rajkumar Professor, CSE Member
9 Dr. R. Srinivasa Prabhu Assistant Professor, Mechanical Member

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Indiscipline is a serious aspect of concern amongst students owing to peer pressure and other kinds of distractions around them. Their behaviour changes and they react differently to various situations. This committee monitors the students and ensures that no indiscipline happens.
  • In case of any complaint, the committee needs to complete the inquiry within a time period of 90 days from the date of receiving the complaint.
  • It has full powers in the Institution for gathering evidence towards completing the enquiry in time.
  • It is required to provide conciliation before initiating an inquiry, if requested by the Complainant.
  • The inquiry process must be confidential and all members of the committee need to maintain confidentiality over the inquiry process and the outcome.
  • On completion of the inquiry, a detailed report needs to be sent to the Management, who are mandated to take timely action on the report within 30 days.

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