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  • December 17 , 2020

    IT department joins hands with Imarticus Learning to inaugurate The Data Science Club

    The department of InformationTechnology signed an #MoU sealing the deal with leading industrial courses-provider, Imarticus Learning, on 16th Dec 2020.

    The Data Science Club presents students and faculty members at KiTE with an assortment of activities that bridge the industry-academy gap in the field of DataScience.

    The club will be inaugurated on 17th Dec 2020 with their kick-off webinar by Mr. Ahamed Khalid, Vice President – Imarticus Learning.

    At the Data Science Cub, KiTEians can look forward to:
    👉Webinars and Workshops conducted by industry experts from around the world
    👉Faculty Development Programmes
    👉Career enhancement opportunities