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  • December 10 , 2020

    ECE Department opens up ‘Innovation Design Club’ for KiTE innovators

    The KiTE Electronics and Communication Engineering department presents ‘Innovation Design Club’.
    An exclusive community for design thinkers, innovators and electronics wizards at KiTE, the club was inaugurated by Mr Ashwin Krishnamoorthy, CEO, i2 Software Tech Solutions, Coimbatore on 10th Dec, 2020.

    At the inauguration of the club, students showcased their innovative capacities and raw, unadulterated talent.
    Having gained cognizance of the ongoing pandemic, 3rd-year student Kärthïçk designed an automatic hand-sanitizer dispenser employing IR sensors, while 2nd-year students Bhuvaneshwari, Logesh Kumar R, and Remin Franklin designed a smart dustbin using Arduino. Manokaran, of 3rd ECE, designed an energy-saving apparatus for solar panels.