Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan

Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan B.E., M.S.

Associate Professor

Email: anandvenkat4@gmail.com

DoJ: 19/08/2019

Experience (Industry /Teaching) 12 years/2 years
Area of Research Specialization Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP & IOT
Research/Funding Project handled(Count) NIL
Publication (National /International Journal and Conference) 9
Any other (related to research) 2

Funding & Publication Details

S.No Research/Funding Project handled-List

S.No Publication (National /International Journal and Conference)
1. High Dimensional Data Space Using Shrinkage Diversity, Biosc.Biotech.Res.Comm. Special Issue Vol 13 No (6) 2020.
2. Literature Review on High Dimensional Data Clustering Techniques, Biosc.Biotech.Res.Comm. Special Issue Vol 13 No (6) 2020.
3. Sleep Apnea Detection Method For In Bed Patients From Spo2 Signal Using Machine Learning, ) Patent Application Publication, Application No.202041028286 A.
4. Apparatus For Monitor And Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Patent Application Publication, Application No.202041026103 A.
5. Energy Efficient Street Lighting System Using Arduino Uno And Wsn For Smart City, Patent Application Publication, Application No. 202041027054a
6. Venkateshwaran L and N.Krishnaraj , “An Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm for Prioritizing and Scheduling the Jobs in Cloud”, International Conference on Emerging Multidisciplinary Research and Computational Intelligence (ICEMRCI-2016) , S.R.K.R Engineering College, Bhimavaram during December 2016.
7. Venkateshwaran L and N.Krishnaraj , “Efficient Load Balancing and Scheduling Algorithms for the Resources in Cloud System”, International Conference on Telecommunication, Power Analysis and Computing Techniques (ICTPACT), Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research during April 2017.
8. Venkateshwaran L and N.Krishnaraj , “A Review on Challenges in Load Balancing and Integrity in Cloud Environment”, Journal of Applied Science and Computations, Volume 3, Issue 2 July – December 2016.
9. Venkateshwaran L and N.Krishnaraj , “Improving the Quality of Service in Cloud Environment”, International Journal of Management, Technology And Engineering, Volume IX, Issue I, January – 2019.

Any other (related to research)

  • Authored the book by the name “PySide GUI Application Development” by PACKT Publishing, ISBN 9781849699594 focusing on the GUI development toolkit for Python. http://www.packtpub.com/pyside-gui-application-development/book.
  • Co-Authored the second edition of the book “PySide GUI Application Development” by PACKT Publishing, ISBN 9781785282454 focusing on the GUI development toolkit for Python. https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/pyside-gui-applicationdevelopment-second-edition.