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Email: vigneshkumar.p@kgkite.ac.in

DoJ: 31/07/2017

Dr.P.VIGNESH KUMAR, has received his doctorate in Chemistry from Sri Ramakrishna mission vidyalaya college of arts and science, Coimbatore in 2015.He have received his MPhil in Chemistry (2004) and MSc., in Chemistry(2001) from PSG College of arts and Science, Coimbatore . He has about 14 years of teaching experience and his area of interest is Environmental Chemistry. He has authored more than 4 research papers in refereed International Journals.

Experience (Industry /Teaching) 15 years
Area of Research Specialization Enviornmental Chemistry
Research/Funding Project handled(Count) NIL
Publication (National /International Journal and Conference) 5
Any other (related to research) NIL

Funding & Publication Details

S.No Research/Funding Project handled-List
S.No Publication (National /International Journal and Conference)
1. A.Basker, P.S. Syed shabudeen, S.Daniel and P. Vignesh kumar “Adsorptive removal of malachite green from aquoes solution using Areca husk carbon”.Rasayan Journal of Chemistry,Vol.7.No.1,pp.1-15,Jan-Mar 2014.
2. A.Basker, P.S. Syed shabudeen, and P. Vignesh kumar “Evaluation of adsorption potential of the agricultural waste areca husk carbon for methylene blue” International Journal of Chem Tech Research, Vol. 6. Number 2 , pp 1309-1324, April-June 2014.
3. P. Vignesh Kumar, M. Sekar, A.Basker and V.Subha Priya “Comparison of Equilibrium Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Chitosan Coated Saw Dust Activated Carbon with Saw Dust Activated Carbon for the Removal of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solutions”, International Journal of Engineering & Technology Research Volume 1, Issue 2, October-December, 2013, pp. 77-91.
4. International conference on “THE CHALLENGES AND STRATEGIES FOR THE SUSTAINABILITY OF SAFE DRINKING WATER” conducted by Department of Chemistry held at Gandhigram Rural University during 25th to 27th December 2006 Paper Title Removal of Methyl orange from industrial waste water from dyeing industry.
5. Presented a paper in National conference on Recent developments in green chemistry conducted by Department of chemistry,Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya college of arts and science on 22nd and 23 rd July 2009 Paper Title : Adsorption of Methylene blue from aqueous solution.

Any other (related to research)

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