Telangana, March 5th – 8th, 2020

After having tasted victory at the National RCDC Challenge 2019, Bikaner last October, ADAL, designed and manufactured by KiTE’s own Mechanical Engineering department’s team – Fitoi Fort, bags the overall championship trophy and rules the roost at BAJA 800.

BAJA 800 (Season 1), a national-level professional rally for engineering students was held at the Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (FMAE) Motor park in Telangana from March 5th to 8th.

Best teams from colleges across India participated in the event along with Fitoi Fort, a team of 28 students and 2 staff members from the department of Mechanical Engineering. The result – an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) named ADAL (Justice) was born. ADAL was designed and manufactured to stand second to none with an unparalleled intolerance for mediocrity.

At the event, the vehicles are at first subjected to tight scrutiny and rigorous testing procedures to ensure optimum safety for the race. The racing tracks are deliberately rugged, specifically designed to bruise and tear off the the tyres. The vehicles’ limits were put to the test on the track laden with water pits more than 3 feet deep,and huge rocks and stones placed at about 1.5 feet from the ground which would damage the vehicle if driven carelessly. Even in such extreme track conditions, ADAL was able to run 32 laps (166 kms) in 4 hours and ace the race, beating its close contender by 2 laps (11 kms) who finished at 30 laps, to bag the Second prize.

Our students went on to win four more prizes: Winners in Maneuverability Race, Winners in Rock Climbing Race, Winners in Business Presentation Round and Winners in Endurance and Fuel Economy Race.

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