Faculty Research Forum

S.No. Faculty Name Designation Area of Research Specialization
1 Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan Head of the Department Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
2 Dr. Selvavinayagam G Professor Information Security, Automata Theory, Cryptography, Image Processing
3 Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R Associate Professor Wireless Networks, UWSN
4 Dr. Mythili T Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks
5 Mr. Joel AnandRaj E Assistant Professor Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence
6 Ms. Rajasekaran S Assistant Professor Image Processing, OOPS, Java, Python
7 Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Adhoc and Sensor Network
8 Mr. Sathish R Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Digital Marketing
9 Mr. Suresh Kumar C Assistant Professor Web Technology, Data Science
10 Ms. Kalpana C Assistant Professor Data Mining, Software Engineering
11 Ms. P. Nandhini Assistant Professor Computer Architecture,DPSD
12 Ms. B. A. Lathika Assistant Professor Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence
13 Ms. Sruthi Mol P Assistant Professor Biometric Systems, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security
14 Ms. Ananthi M Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks

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