IMS Global Academy

IMS Global Academy is a brain child of KGISL – a $500m KG group conglomerate & a SEI CMM level 4 company. Our academy is the first-of-its-kind training division established in India for hands-on training with high-tech infrastructure & rich experienced SMEs from Industry. Being a trendsetter in bringing IT industry to Coimbatore, KGISL has yet again repeated the history with RIMS, a first-of-its-kind training division in India by venturing with Appnomic, an industry leader in IMS & automation.

The academy does R&D on regular intervals to identify current industry demands to initiate training programs. Programs are aimed on students who prefer to enter IT Industry by providing hands-on training by SMEs which capitalize prevailing Industry demand with less competition. Companies opt to recruit IMS Global Academy candidates who can be an immediate billable resource, since we produce Job-ready-Professionals to address current industry demands.

The academy analyses and identifies the present industry requirements & caters hands-on training to capitalize opportunities with minimal competition & maximum demand, that helps every single candidate enter the IT industry with a huge career opportunity. The academy provides you with effective classroom training and efficient lab sessions which leads to our students stand out of the crowd as high performance professionals.

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