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Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems Lab

Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems Lab


  • Technical Manager
    • Mr. Navaneeth Malligan
    • Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Kanagaraj
  • Project Manager
    • Dr. Krishnapriya
  • Industry Mentos/PoP
    • Mr.Dinesh Tantri
  • Faculty Mentor
    • Mr.Sathish Ramanujam
    • Ms.Leena Bojaraj
    • Mr. Rahul Poopathi
    • Mr. Antony Pradeesh


Our vision for the AIES Innovation Lab is to make KITE (KGiSL Institute of Technology and Engineering) an industry-leading applied research organization that is not only aligned with current technological needs but also contributes significantly to the future of the computing industry. We aim to achieve this by fostering a "learn by doing" philosophy and focusing on the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems.


The mission of the AIES Innovation Lab is multifaceted:

  • Transform Learning Experience: To transform the learning experience in embedded systems and AI technologies, creating industry-leading talent equipped with practical knowledge and skills.
  • Strong Foundation: To establish a strong foundation in device computing technologies and progressively delve deeper into artificial intelligence, preparing students for future-forward tech domains.
  • Applied Research: To conduct applied research in autonomous transportation, healthcare, and other domains, pushing the boundaries of AI and embedded systems for practical applications.
  • Industry Collaboration: To initiate collaborations with industry partners, supporting projects and generating consultancy revenue, while also contributing to research publications and research grant proposals.
  • Talent Development: To provide faculty development programs and engage students in hands-on projects that align with the lab's focus areas, fostering competency and credibility.
  • Center of Excellence: To position KITE as a Center of Excellence for technological innovations, with a portfolio of significant projects, industry-recognized competencies, and high-impact research.
  • Innovation Culture: To promote an innovation culture through hackathons, competitions, and interdisciplinary collaborations, ensuring that students and faculty actively engage with the latest AI and embedded systems advancements.

Overall, the AIES Innovation Lab strives to be a driving force in advancing the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems while nurturing the next generation of tech leaders and problem solvers.


The scope of the AIES (Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems) Innovation Lab at KGiSL encompasses exploration, research, and application of AI and embedded systems technologies. It focuses on harnessing the potential of these technologies to drive innovation and create industry-leading talent in the following areas:

  • Transportation: Applied research and development of autonomous technologies for ground and aerial vehicles, with an emphasis on forward-looking electric vehicles.
  • Healthcare: Applied AI research within the broader context of Industry 4.0, with a focus on advancing AI research and innovation in healthcare, particularly in digital health applications.
  • Future-forward Tech Domains: Building a strong foundation in device computing technologies and expanding into emerging tech domains like neuromorphic computing, quantum computing, deep learning tech, robotics, and more.
  • Cross-Industry Applications: Long-term expansion into AI and embedded systems applications across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, consumer, retail, media & entertainment, and others

KGX ACTIVATES-Events & Credentials

National Level Hackathons - Participated and Won

Sl.No Event Title Event Description
1 SIH - 2022 Hackathon Smart India Hackathon, a Government of India initiative, engages students nationwide in tackling real-world challenges from government and industries. Through technology and innovation, students work collectively to devise practical solutions for pressing issues
2 Transport4All, 2022 Hackathon The Transport4All Challenge, led by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, India, unites cities, citizens, and startups to revolutionize public transport. Through digital innovation, this initiative empowers communities, fosters collaboration, and creates tailored solutions, fostering trust and improving mobility for all citizens.
3 Startup TN Healthcare Hackathon A hackathon is typically a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate in teams to build proofs of concept or minimum viable products for a specific pre-defined problem. It is a time bound event in which teams made up of both technical and business knowledge get together to collaborate intensively on projects.
4 Young Indians Yi believes youth is the strongest vehicle for IndiA’s present and future development. Its vertical YUVA empowers passionate college students from across the country to take the lead and shape the growth of India, this year they have conducted hackathons with more than 7+ problem statements.

Events Hosted by KGX, participated by KGX, and Collaborated with other organization

Sl.No Event Title Event Description
1 One Week Bootcamp - [ 2021 to 2025] A one-week boot camp was organized for students, covering fundamental concepts in three major domains: Full Stack development, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and IoT and Embedded Systems.
2 KGX Codathon KGX Codathon is a 32-hour innovation event where students collaborate and innovate, working diligently to conceptualize, build, and complete projects.
3 Dev Day 2023 X Hactober Fest, 2022 Hacktoberfest: a month-long celebration of open-source projects, their maintainers, and the entire community of contributors.
4 e-Yantra E-Yantra enhances global engineering and robotics education, fostering engineers skilled in addressing local challenges in areas like agriculture, disaster response, defense, and smart cities, using cutting-edge technology.
5 Great Minds Bootcamp The Great Minds Bootcamp, hosted by Agile Incubation Cell, is a kickstart event featuring expert-led business sessions. These sessions are designed to empower KGX students with essential knowledge and skills, enabling them to craft a compelling business pitch based on the insights gained.
6 Startup Thiruvizha Tamilnadu StartUp Thiruvizha opens a wide platform for the startups in Tamilnadu to launch, advertise, analyze, market their products and services.
7 WTM Coimabtore - International Womens Day Women Techmakers' largest annual event campaign to celebrate women and the allies. It marks a moment to celebrate and provide visibility for the incredible contributions of women around the world.
8 MLDS2023 Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS) brings together India’s leading Machine Learning innovators and practitioners to share their ideas and experiences about machine learning tools, advanced development in this sphere and gives the attendees a first look at new trends & developer products.
9 Dev Fest 2022 Annual distributed tech conference hosted by the Google Developer Groups (GDG) community.
10 Google Cloud Community Days GoogleCloudCommunityDays - An event organized by the community that features industry experts presenting on exciting cloud topics. The shared belief powering this conference is that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.
11 Pycon India 20223 PyCon India 2023 is the premier conference for Python enthusiasts and professionals, offering an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the world of Python and explore its limitless potential.
12 TFUG Reboot TensorFlow User Groups (TFUGs) are communities of developers, engineers, data scientists, and ML practitioners who are passionate about TensorFlow and related technologies.
13 Thoughtworks XConf XConf India was back in-person, in Hyderabad this year. The one-day event brought together thought leaders and thought workers who shared first-hand experiences on a wide range of topics, including engineering effectiveness, AI, Data Mesh, sustainable tech, design patterns, digital transformation, and much more.
14 Thoughtworks Deepracer Thoughtworks hosted AWS deepracer workshop in which valuable resource for deepracer and reinforcement learning was discussed.

Mega Projects

Sl.No Name of Project Team Client Status
1 8-Bit Computer Abinaya M-21ECA03 MadhumithaM-20CSA37 Pranav-21ECB12 Dr. Ashok OnGoing
2 TrafficFlow Dineshkumar S- 20AI13, Elakiya S- 21AIA25 KGiSL Campus - Facility OnGoing
3 Autonomous Drone (ROS) Hareesh R- 20CSA21
Paul Raj B- 21CSB18
Ramesh Patel- 21CB40
AICTE Grants OnGoing
4 Autonomous Drone (AI & ML) Akshaya S-21CB01
Akshaya Varshieni G M-21AIA08
Anika C Uthaman-21CB04
Elakiya S-21AIA25
Shobika K-21AIB37
AICTE Grants OnGoing
5 AV Tech (AI & ML) Aarthy R-20CSA03
Dineshkumar S-20AI13
Karthickthasan Sreenivasan-20CSA31
Lithikhaa K-21AIA55
Lokeshwaran K-21CSB03
Shalu Priya R-21AIB34
Shivaprakash S-21AIB36
ThoughtWorks SDV OnGoing
6 AV Tech (ROS) Hareesh R-20CSA21
Paul Raj B-21CSB18
Ramesh Patel-21CB40
ThoughtWorks SDV OnGoing
7 AV Tech (Autoware.Universe) Aakash R-20CSA02
Naresh Chanthar G-20CSA47
ThoughtWorks SDV OnGoing
8 Green Campus - Hardware/Communication/IoT Daksatha S --20CSA13
Guruprasath V-21CB22
Nalla Thambi B-20EC20
Navitha D-20CSA50
Nayanathara R-20CSA51
RSabarish C-21CB42
Samual P.M-21CB44
Samudhra V-21CB43
Shri Ram K-21CB51
KITE OnGoing
9 Green Campus - Software (Backend + Web) Deivapandeeswaran B-21ECA24 KITE OnGoing
10 Students OD Mangement System - WhatsApp Bot Abishek shibiyone T- 20CSA05
Gowtham M- 20CSA19
Hari Krishnan S- 20CSA22
Kaushik S- 20CSA32
Kavya Anjali R- 20CSA33
Meckson Raja S- 20CSA40
Navina J S- 20CSA49
KITE OnGoing
11 VoizMZ Sairam K
Vikrant Vikaasa

Learning Projects

Sl.No Name of Project Team Client Status
1 Heart Rate Application Surya S S- 21CSB54 KG Physio OnGoing
2 KGX Website Dharshini Udayakumaran- 21CB13 KGX Completed
3 Students OD Mangement System - Web Application Abishek shibiyone T- 20CSA05
Gowtham M- 20CSA19
Hari Krishnan S- 20CSA22
Kaushik S- 20CSA32
Kavya Anjali R- 20CSA33
Meckson Raja S- 20CSA40
Navina J S- 20CSA49
KITE Completed

Hackathon Projects

Sl.No Hackathon Name Title Date of Hackathon Theme Team Achievement
1 Startup TN Hackathon Smart Glass 2/18/2023 Healthcare Vijay S KM
Ramesh Patel D
Devaraj S
Salman A
Samual P
1st Place
2 Smart India Hackathon 2022 Geographical Indication 8/25/2022 - 8/26/2023 - Vijay S K
Ramesh Patel D
Dineshkumar S
Sahana Lakshmi N
3 Smart India Hackathon 2022 Sewage Blockage Detection 8/25/2022 - 8/26/2023 Smart City Bhuvaneshwari - ECE
Devansh - ECE
Devanand - CIVIL
Harshil - CSE
Shampoornam - CIVIL
Hari - CIVIL
1st Place
4 Eyantra HARco 9/16/2022 Student Innovation Dhanush Lingan
Lithikhaa K
Lokeshwaran Kannan
Ramesh Patel
Sebasitian P
5 Tomoto Grand Challenge Vidai 9/30/2023 - Present Tomato Production - Results yet to be announced
6 Yukthi Milk Adultration 3/12/2023 - Present Student Innovation Ramesh Patel
Lithikhaa samual
7 OneYes Milk Adultration 8/19/2023 Student Innovation Ramesh Patel
Lithikhaa samual
8 Neura Milk Adultration 2/27/2023 to 2/29/2023 Student Innovation Ramesh Patel
Lithikhaa samual
3rd place
9 MSME Hackathon Payir Sei 7/1/2023 to Present Agriculture Madhumitha M
Kavya Anjali R
Abinaya M
Anika C Uthaman
Results yet to be announced
10 Young Indians Hackathon
The Ultimate Hackathon
EmoCare 9/15/2023 Mental Health Elakiya
Akshaya Varshnieni
2nd place
Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems Lab
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