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Great Place To Work

Vision & Mission


To be acknowledged as a premier institution, dedicated to elevating academic rigor, pioneering research, cultivating entrepreneurial expertise, and promoting societal and industrial progress, all in the pursuit of managerial excellence.


  • MD-1 : To nurture a dynamic community of ambitious students, empowering them through transformative learning, critical thinking, and lifelong education.
  • MD-2 : To elevate faculty excellence by consistently improving their skills and offering the latest knowledge and instructional pedagogy.
  • MD-3 : To establish an infrastructure conducive to fostering excellence in research, innovation, and teaching.
  • MD-4 : To conduct research-driven collaboration, fostering innovation for a sustainable future that benefits businesses and society's shared interests.
  • MD-5 : To foster ethical behavior and social responsibility by active engagement in relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.