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Events Organized

S.NO Event Name Title Event Coordinator GUEST DETAILS EVENT DATE
1 EXOTICA 2K23 Leadership Qualities required for Startup Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R and Mr.Mani Deepak Choudhry Mr.K.Rajesh, Senior IT Engineer, Wavicle Data Solutions, Coimbatore 06.10.2023
2 Association Inauguration Seminar on Devops Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R and Mr.Mani Deepak Choudhry Mr.Sunil Vijay, Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Quince Bangalore & Head of GitLab Meetup Community 23.09.2023
3 Seminar Seminar on Exploring the evolutions applications of Design Thinking Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R Mr.Kubera Prijesh Program Manager KGX 24.08.2023
4 Workshop Innovations in Full Stack Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry Mr.Naveen Kammela Co-Founder Skill Safari 12.08.2023
5 Workshop Innovations in Computer Vision Demystifying Computer Vision In Surveillance System Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry Ms.Gayathri,Assistant Professor
6 Workshop Workshop on Devops Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R
Mr.Sureshkumar C
Mr.Jahazil Samraj
Delta Airlines
7 Seminar Innovative Solutions for Real World Problems through AI Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry Mr.V.M.Prabhakaran
Project Head
CEO Visaithalam Solution
8 Seminar Innovations through Transformative Power of AR&VR Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry M.Hariprasath,
Visaithalam Solutions
9 Workshop Hands- on-Workshop on Deep Learning Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Mr.Jeevanantham S
Ms Narmadha,Project Engineer
Novi Tech
10 Workshop Game Development Mr.Anbarasan R Mr.S.Jerry Wilson,Founder Luminous Rose 05.08.2023
11 Seminar Innovations on Exploring Python Libraries Dr.Sankarram N Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Mr. Rajasekaran S
Mr Sathish R AP/ KITE
12 Conference National Conference on Emerging Innovations in Information and Communication Technology NCEIICT’23 Dr.Sankarram N
Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Mr.Anbarasan R
Dr.Manimegalai R
Head of Department
13 Seminar Session on Design Thinking approach Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R Mr. Gokula Krishnan, Voyyel Technologies 22.04.2023
14 Workshop Workshop on AR & VR Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry Mr.Vishnu T U
CEO & Founder
Machenn Innovations
Mr.Eswar R M,Design Engineer
Machenn Innovations
15 Seminar Session On Emotional Intelligence Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R Mr.Premin Toprani
Manager KIA
16 Association Activity Association Inauguration Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R V.M.Prabhakaran, Founder & CEO of Visaithalam Solutions
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
17 Conference International Conference on Contemporary Progress on Engineering and Technology Dr.Hemalatha B 24.06.2022-25.06.2022
18 Seminar IPR Awareness Programme Dr.Hemaltha B A Seetha Raman,Examiner & Designer of IPR, Patent Office, Chennai 04.08.2022
19 Add-On Add-On Web Technology Mr.Rajasekaran S
Mr.Sureshkumar C
Mr.Rajasekaran S,Assistant Professor
20 Workshop Industrial Workshop on AR/VR Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Dr Sankar Ram N
Ms.Pavithra T R,AR VR Head Metazord 25.08.2022
21 Seminar Session on Government Loan Opportunities for starting a business Dr. Ananthi M
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R
Mr.M.Dinesh Kumar,Manager
Yara Tech, Coimbatore
22 Industrial Training Industrial Training on Design Thinking Dr. Ananthi M
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R
Machenn Innovations
23 Seminar Career Guidance and Placement Preparation Mr. Jeevanandham S Ms Taniya Joseph,System Engineer
UGAM Solutions
24 Seminar Session on Converting Innovation into a Stratup Dr. Ananthi M
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R
Mr.Lakshmanan Subramani,Business Analyst Cognizant Coimbatore 10.08.2022
25 Seminar Session on Angel Investment / VC Funding Opportunity for Early stage Entrepreneurs Dr. Ananthi M Mr.Sakthivel Krishnamoorthy,Founder & CEO
Joni Solutions Coimbatore
26 Workshop Cloud Computing and its Opportunities Mr. Jeevanandham S
Mr. Sureshkumar C
Ms Swetha Lakshmi P,System Engineer UBX Cloud 03.09.2022
27 Seminar Motivational Programme – What You Believe You Receive Mr.R.Anbarasan
Motivational Speaker Diet Consultatnt & Yoga Teacher
28 Workshop Training Programme on Preparedness for UGAM/Merkle Mr.R.Anbarasan
Analyst UGAM/Merkle
29 Seminar How to prepare for Government Exams Group I and Group II Dr. Ananthi M
Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Ms Anushiya
30 Seminar Alumni Interaction Mr.Rajasekaran S
Mr.Joel Anandraj E
Ms Dhivya Bharathi
Mr Ganesh
Mr Prabakaran
Mr Venkatesh Mr.Sam Solomon
31 Expert Lecture Expert Lecture on Web Technology Mr. Sureshkumar C Mr. U K Balaji,Assistant Professor
Sona College of Technology
32 Seminar National Innovation Day Dr. Ananthi M Dr.Muralisankar K
Founder & Chief Visionary OFFI
33 Seminar Session on Problem Solving and Ideathon Dr. Ananthi M
Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R
Mr.Jahaziel Samraj
GTH Developer, Delta Air Line
34 Workshop "Hands-on workshop ""machine learning with r""" Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry Prof. S. Karthikeyan, Ph. D(PDF)
Associate Professor and HoD - Department of AIML, KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.
35 Counselling Cell Mental Fitness Programme – Psychological Issues in Adoloscent Ms.Shirley Josephine Mary R Ms.Mangaleswari Manjari
Assistant Professor,KMCH
36 Seminar Google App Engine Mr. Rajasekaran Mr. Radhakrishnan B L,AP/CSE, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences 08.01.2021
37 Seminar Webinar on Cybersecurity and its Threats Mr. Joel Anandraj E Mr. Scott E Augenbaum 19.01.2021
38 Seminar Big Data With Hadoop Mr.Joel Anandraj E Ms. Sharon Sopia Stephen 07.01.2021
39 Seminar Search Engine Optimization Ms.Sruthi Mol P Mr. Dinesh Paranthagan 03.03.2021
40 Seminar Wireless Sensor Network Design and Validation Dr.Arun Chakravarthy R Er. Jishnu R
Er. Rahul Yennu
41 Workshop Understanding Cyber Security Attacks by Unpacking Executables Mr. Rajasekaran Dr. Arul E 10.03.2021
42 Seminar Best Out of Waste Ms. Kalpana C All Faculties 06.03.2021
43 Webinar Webinar on OpenStack Ms. Kalpana C
Mr. Pradeep Kumar
Mr. Gourav Sharma 09.03.2021
44 Seminar Communication Development Program “Corporate Communications” Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R
Mr. Vivek V,Soft skill training Expert & Researcher,
Alagappa University
45 Hands on Training Hands on Training on “Practical Implications of Modern Cryptographic Methodologies” Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Dr. Sundarrajan M,KRCE, Samayapuram 20.10.2021
46 Workshop Workshop on “Modern Tool Usage in Firewall Design” Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Mr. Mani Deepak Choudhry
Dr. Sundarrajan M,KRCE, Samayapuram 21.10.2021
47 Seminar Fuzzy Neural Networks Ms. Kalpana C Dr. Srividya S 27.02.2021
48 Seminar Green Computing Dr. Ananthi M Dr. Mekala R,SRIET 03.03.2021
49 Seminar Computer Graphics and Multimedia Mr. Sureshkumar C Dr. Vennila 13-03-2021
50 Expert Lecture Software Design and Tools Mr. Sathish R Ms. Dhanalakshmi B,Assistant Professor,Dr.NGP 30.03.2021
51 Seminar An Informal Introduction to Machine Learning Dr. Mythili T Dr. Oswald C 03.05.2021
52 Expert Lecture Big Data Analytical Theory Ms. Shirley Josephine Mary R Ms. Dhivya S,AP/Dr.NGP 16.04.2021
53 Expert Lecture TQM Principles Mr. Sureshkumar C Mr. Murali M,AP/IT, Sona College of Technology, Salem 31.08.2021
54 Expert Lecture Interfacing Peripheral Components with Microprocessor (Expert Lecture) Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R Prof.Dr. Suresh Babu V,Hindusthan Institute of Technology 17.09.2021
55 Expert Lecture Routing Algorithms(Expert Lecture) Mr. Sureshkumar C Dr. Santhosh J,ASP/CSE
Vel Tech, R & D Institute of Science and Technology
56 Conference National Conference on Emerging Innovations in Information and Communication Technology NCEIICT’21 Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R
Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Mr. Sureshkumar C
Prof. Dr. Kathiravan Srinivasan,School of Information Technology and Engineering
Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)
57 Placement PITSTOP – CAREER PLANNING Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Dr.Mythili T
Mr.Sureshkumar C
Mr. Sachin Swaminathan
Mr. Pavitharan M
58 Placement PITSTOP - A WORD FROM UGAM`ianz” Mr. Joel Anandraj E Ms. Sowntharya R
Ms. Gayathri M
59 Placement PIT STOP Scope of Higher Studies in Abroad Dr.Mythili T Mr. Prasanna Krishna S, SCM, UK 08.04.2021
60 Seminar Gate Preparation and Opportunities Dr.Mythili T Mr. Cebil TA, IIT, Guwahati
Mr. Ajin Josh,Cochin Shipyard
61 Seminar Project Planning and Placement Journey Dr.Mythili T Ms. Sowndharya EV, LTI,
Ms. Swetha, LTI
62 Placement PIT STOP Companies Expectations and Importance of Placement Dr.Mythili T Mr. Regnard Viven, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys 22.05.2021
63 Placement PIT STOP Identifying the Entrepreneur in You Dr.Mythili T Mr. Gokula Krishnan, Voyyel Technologies 27.05.2021
64 Workshop A Bootcamp on “First Step Towards a Career in Data Science” Mr.Sathish R InLustro Learning Pvt.Ltd. 01.03.2021 - 05.03.2021
65 Association Activity Association Inauguration Ms. Sruthi Mol P Mr. Sathish Kumar M, Senior Project Manager, Infosys 19.03.2021
66 Association Activity Speech Contest Ms. Kalpana C Ms. Sruthi Mol P HOD and Faculties of IT Department 07.05.2021
67 Association Activity Coder of the Month Contest Mr. Sathish R HOD and Faculties of IT Department
Ms. Sruthi Mol P
68 Association Activity Photography Contest - 2K21 Dr.Mythili T
Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Mr. Hari Kowshik , Alumni , Department of IT 03.06.2021
69 Association Activity Logo Designing Contest Mr. Rajasekaran S
Ms. Sruthi Mol P
HOD and Faculties of IT Department 05.06.2021
70 Association Activity Logo Launch Event Ms. Sruthi Mol P HOD and Faculties of IT Department 10.06.2021
71 Association Activity Comic Strip Contest Ms. Sruthi Mol P Ms. Madhu Mathi Rani L, Alumni , Department of IT 12.06.2021
72 Graduation Graduation Day Mr. Sathish R
Mr. Rajasekaran S
Secretary, Principal,Vice Principal, HOD’s 03.09.2021
73 Seminar Counselling programme on Academic Skills and Achievements Ms. Sruthi Mol P
Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R
Mr. Prakash R,Skill Trainer,KGiSL SSA,Coimbatore 30.09.2021
74 FDP FDP on Industry 4.0 Dr. Arun Chakravarthy R Ms. Hemasri
Mr. Jishnu R
06.07.2020 to 08.07.2020
75 FDP FDP on Cloud Computing Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan
Dr. Selvavinayagam G
Mr. Nandakumar S D
Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Dr. Sangeetha B, PSG Tech
Ms. Devi R, GCT
Dr. Senthilkumar T, Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham
Mr. Radhakrishnan RL, Karunya ITS
10.06.2020 - 30.06.2020
76 Seminar Big Data Analytics And Its Platform Mr.Joel Anandraj E Dr. Ramalakshmi K 31.12.2020
77 Seminar Deepracer Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan Dr. Venkateshwaran Loganathan 25.11.2020
78 Seminar Machine Learning Paradigm Dr. Arun Chakravarthy Dr. Arun Kumar B 10.12.2020
79 Placement PITSTOP – INTERVIEW PREPARATION Mr. Joel Anandraj E
Dr.Mythili T
Ms. Padmashree S
Ms. Nanthini G
Ms. Saadhana,Alumni, KITE, IT
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